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Mayon ATV Tours | Tips for Real Fun Adventure

Mayon ATV tours are surely the hottest ways to experience Mayon Volcano. It’s thrilling, fun-filled & gives you that one cool moment to play dirty.

bicol adventure atv

Truly, gone are the days when you only marvel at the world’s most perfect cone-shaped volcano from afar. Infact, today, any trip to see the Mayon isn’t complete without driving an ATV to get real up close with this famed natural wonder.

But having fun takes more than just hopping on those beast bikes. You need to choose the best trail, the right tour company & yes, the most perfect time.

bicol adventure atv

Experience Mayon ATV tours with Bicol Adventure ATV

I’ve tried Mayon ATV tours many times, at different hours of the day & with different companies. Over time & experience, I can sum it all up as an addicting activity to do when in Albay.

Here are a few things to remember to get the most out of your ride.

Do it Early Morning

mayon atv tours

Mayon Volcano is very shy & most of the time she’s shrouded with clouds. The best time to see her is between sunrise until about 9AM. Of course, you want Mayon in her bare beauty on the background, so make sure you come at the right time.

Tours begin as early 6AM. Last calls are at 3PM for long trails & 5PM for short trails.

Choose the Right Trail

bicol adventure atv

So what’s riding an all-terrain vehicle for if you don’t get to rev these monsters on different trails, right? Black Lava & Green Lava trails are the most exciting dirt tracks. It puts you on a brute mode maneuvering through hellish slopes, river crossings, sand flats & rock walls.

But if you just like the easy-breezy ride, go for the Cagsawa or the Quarry trail.

What I love about this recent ride was the chance to get higher than all other trails & real closer to the volcano. Had I not chosen Bicol Adventure ATV, I wouldn’t have seen a better view of Albay. Although this comes with a special price but it sure gives a more rewarding experience in any of Mayon ATV tours around.

Be Mindful of Safety

mayon atv tours

Mayon is an active volcano & Albay is a regular typhoon route. These realities alter the trails & could be dangerous. So don’t be a proud dick not to listen to your guide’s safety commands.

Usually, 150cc bikes are offered for single riders. But if you want those tandem ride cuddles, make sure you get the 500cc ATV. No, it’s not an upsell—it’s safety.

I personally witnessed a couple that tumbled down with their 150cc bike on a devil slope. We had to help them as their guide (from other company) hastily moved their bodies in panic. If you know first-aid, that was a big no-no, right?

Remember darling, it ain’t sweet when an offroad bike roars on top of your body.

Book with the Best Tour Operator

mayon atv tours

There are a lot of Mayon ATV tours. Before booking anything, make sure you put more value on safety, local knowledge, equipment condition & first-aid skills over price.

My personal experience with Bicol Adventure ATV was fantastic. Their expertise of the trails, honest & cheerful service, safety priority & affordability make me highly recommend them.

Avoid Scalpers

mayon atv tours

Scalpers plague Mayon ATV tours screaming for cheap tours. Avoid them & transact directly with the operator. You don’t want to pay full for just half the adventure, do you?


Get honest-to-goodness service in your Mayon ATV tours.
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