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Matnog, Sorsogon | Beach Tale on Luzon’s Tail

Matnog is Luzon’s gateway to Visayas. In the past, it only served as a link between Sorsogon & Samar ferrying thousands of passengers & tons of goods. But today, tourism is changing the way people spend time in this small coastal town.

matnog port

San Bernardino Strait separates the islands of Luzon & Visayas with Matnog on Sorsogon side & Allen or San Nicolas on Samar side as access points.

Back then, Matnog was nothing more than just a place to connect to the island across. Its beaches were only known to locals or to very few tourists who dared to sail on its raging waters.

Matnog : Because Life’s a Beach


The recent years have seen beautiful changes in the way travelers experience Matnog. With Subic Beach as its poster destination, social media put this once dreamy town into the tourism circuit of Bicol Province.

There aren’t too many tourist destinations yet that Matnog can offer. But what they have now are exciting enough for a short holiday. Aside from travel time, one day to explore its islands is a worthwhile stopover before you cross to Visayas or travel elsewhere in Sorsogon.

So where would one day take you in Matnog?

Tikling Island

tikling island

Tickle your beach-bumming fancies with Tikling Island’s castaway feel. This speck of white sand fringed hideaway is perfect for lazing on a hammock & basking on nothingness.

Tikling is a private island but allows guests to camp along the beach area. It is a sanctuary for buff-banded rails or commonly known as “tikling” birds.

Juag Lagoon

juag lagoon

Juag Lagoon is a private marine sanctuary where it keeps various kinds of fish, sea turtles, giant clams & lobsters. It is also a nursery for injured marine wildlife before they are released back to the sea.

As it is a reservation, the sea creatures are kept for protection, conservation & propagation and not for human food consumption.

But the main attraction at Juag Lagoon is the rare chance to swim among them. If you feel like mermaiding in a real life aquarium, nowhere else is this illusion more perfect than here.

Subic Beach

subic beach

Most tourists come to Matnog for the pink sand of Subic Beach. It’s not really the Hello Kitty pink but it so wildly beautiful that its hues create a lovely magic.

There are two Subic beaches—the small & the big, separated by a rolling hill. Most tourists are taken to the big side because it is where the facilities are like stores, showers & cottages. If you’re on the emo mood, choose the small quiet beach.

Calintaan Cave

calintaan cave

If you’ve been to El Nido’s hidden lagoon, Matnog’s Calintaan Cave is quite like it. You have swim towards a small cave opening that leads to a shallow lagoon. Inside are huge coral walls & art assemblies of stones.

Morongborongan Island

morongbongan island

Morongborongan Island is a private resort perfect for a cool down after a long day of island-hopping adventure. Grab some fresh buko juice, roll on the shaded grass carpet & snooze to dreamland.

This destination is only available for guests booked at Bantigui Beach Resort.


Beach scenes in the Philippines are endless. And Matnog is truly making wonderful waves to capture the hearts of everyone—this time not just a jump-off point to somewhere else but also as a pretty destination in itself.


For island tours in Matnog, coordinate your trip with the local tourism office.
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