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Waterfalling in Iligan | Hindang

Higher than where your limbs can take you, the mountain streams of Hindang run through a riotous watercourse punctuated by waterfalls and caves. Hardcore trekkers take it to the other side of the mountain, slowly descending to its foothills, following the breaks of tributaries that terminate in a gentle glide upon a smooth rock wall. During the wet months of June to October, the surge of mountain rain curtains the bedrock creating a wonderful plunge into its cold basin.

But Hindang is not at all unforgiving. Novice trekkers may take her by the waterfall that sits about 250 meters uphill from the roadside. Moving up to the summit is an option but an interesting clusters of cave await the daring spelunkers. On my way up to the waterfall I met a group of senior engineering students from St. Peter’s College working on alternative electrical sources by harnessing power from mountain waters.
Hindang is a small upland community, more than 20 kilometers away from its main approach in lowland Kiwalan. With the continuous concreting of access roads, this once elusive waterfall can now be reached on a fun habal-habal ride. Midway to Hindang is Barangay Kabacsanan where the unexplored Malinao Falls is hidden by the deep ravines.
As I was keeping myself warm over a cup of instant coffee in my guide’s humble shack in the mountain, I have realized I missed so many beautiful places in my hometown. But I know I am never too late to experience them as they are only starting to become Iligan’s exciting travel destinations.
  • From Iligan City, take the jeepney bound for Kiwalan or Dalipuga.
  • Get off in front of Granex Port in Kiwalan.
  • Take the habal-habal to Hindang.
  • Choose drivers who live up in Hindang or Kabacsanan because they know the road better. You may look for Reymart at 09466187702. He doubles as driver-guide in Hindang.
  • If you are going on caving, require assistance from expert cavers.

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