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Currimao | The Little Darling of Ilocos Norte

“Cheers & welcome to Currimao!” Said Kuya Ronie, as he handed me a shot of iced rhum cola.

I don’t really drink, I mean not anymore. But in the spirit of new friendship, all I could do was to swig it down my throat.


Kuya Ronnie is a fisherman who sometimes takes tourists on a cruise on the fringes of Currimao. I met him earlier on the beach when I asked him to give me a quick paddle along the coast.

I just intended to stay overnight as my reason for coming was to experience this much raved about resort called Sitio Remedios.

currimao ilocos norte

It was a quiet tour. There were hardly any tourists around. It got me thinking, how come everyone is missing out on this wonderful side of Ilocos Norte?

“There are no bars here, but we could invite you for a drink later at sunset.” We parted ways with a “yes” and with my hopes of fishing for insider tips about Currimao.


Currimao: A Beach Town of Wow

I arrived at the beach just before the west harbored light. Kuya Ronnie & his friends were already down with a few shots ahead. Honestly, I felt special. Stories fired away, but they were more curious about why I was traveling alone & how bloggers earn.

currimao ilocos norte

“We don’t have so much to see here, except for our beach, the sunset & those expensive resorts.” Kuya Ronnie humbly said.

But then, he never told me that sunsets here can get so stunning. Really stunning. He went on talking but my eyes were wandering at the drama unfolding in the horizon. Indeed, it is a game of tug-and-war, of hide-and-seek. It was intense.


And just like a movie in my mind, the sun held on tight with all his might, battling with his enduring strength. They chased each other behind the clouds, leaving trails of bleeding reds & weakening blues. The moon unleashed her ultimate vigor & spewed the golden fire.

Finally, he succumbed into his greatest defeat. Then, she slowly blanketed the universe in her blazing victory. And darkness started to creep in.

“O, tagay mo na!” Kuya Ronnie poked me back to senses.

ilocos norte

Currimao: And on this side of Ilocos Norte

As exotic as its name, Currimao is an interesting coastal town hugging the shores of West Philippine Sea. It is the smallest town in Ilocos Norte & was once the only navigable sea in the province.

currimao ilocos norte

Currimao was an important trading route in the early 1900s. It was the home of Compañia General de Tabaco de Filipinas , the biggest tabacalera in Ilocos. With the shift of global trade fortunes, its luster faded into thin air like the smoke from its once popular cigars.


However, among them, no one knew the town’s opulent past. To them, life is just all about their daily affairs with the sea.


Finally, it was time to leave. As I walked back to the resort, I felt, this trip was going to be more than just an overnight detour affair. The bucolic charm of the place, the warmth of its people & the promise of bagnet the next day excited me.


The Genteel that is Currimao

The next morning, I awoke to the crisp scent of ocean breeze & the bright morning light streaking thru the soft curtains. Ahh, Sitio Remedios is truly poetry by the sea!


I walked along the beach where tastefully designed resorts fringe it among lines of coconuts. Indeed, there’s nothing much to it. But that nothingness is what makes it lovely.


Unlike the graceful beaches in Brgy. Victoria, on the other end of the coastline is Pangil Coral Gardens. Here, are coralline rock formations wallowing on shallow tidal pools. It spans about 2 kilometers & a perfect spot for late afternoon picnic.


The battle for light started to creep when I left Currimao for Paoay. Glancing back at the sunset that bewitched me yesterday, I realized that Currimao isn’t just a detour. It’s a destination.


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