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Bangui Wind Farm | Powering Ilocos Norte

Wind farms are certainly a refreshing take on clean energy. It reduces carbon emissions & lowers our dependence on fossil fuel. In the Philippines & the whole of Asia, Bangui Wind Farm pioneered this kind of renewable energy technology. It powers not only the homes in Ilocos Norte, but also its tourism industry.

bangui wind farm

Since its inauguration in 2005, the Bangui Wind Farm is a favorite stopover among tourists visiting the northwestern side of the Philippines. Here, 20 wind turbines punctuate the 9-kilometer shingle of Bangui Bay.ย  It is one of the iconic features of Ilocos Norte along with its beaches, heritage sites & sand dunes.

bangui windmills

Bangui Wind Farm: Harnessing Clean Power

The Northwind Power Development Corporation operates Bangui Wind Farm. All turbines stand 70 meters high with each blade spanning 41 meters long. Spaced at 326 meters apart, truly, it beautifully hems this side of town.

bangui locos norte

The gust of wind from the West Philippine Sea makes it an idyllic spot for harnessing power. It produces 33 MW of electricity, commercially distributed throughout the province. Today, other wind farms have sprouted in neighboring towns too but Bangui remains a favorite spot.

bangui wind farm

Plug-in: Ilocos Wind Farm Tourism

On-shore wind developments sparked wind farm tourism where surge of visitors come each day for fun yet educational experience. Yes, entry to Bangui Wind Farm is free. You can go under it for your perfect selfies or even ride a horse for more dramatic shots.

ilocos norte

Bangui Wind Farm also opened small-scale businesses to thrive in the area. There are cafes & restaurants serving Ilocano specialties. Then there are a lot of souvenirs for sale too from keychains to miniature turbines.

bangui wind farm

Traveling on this side of Ilocos Norte is worth the long drive as this coastal ride takes you to a string of attractions. Aside from Bangui Wind Farm, further away are Cape Bojeador & Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos as well as the beaches in Pagudpud.

bangui wind farm

Windmills or Wind Turbines?

Equally important to know, that these are not windmills but wind turbines. Maybe cutesy sounding, but windmills are the ones used for pumping water, sawing timber or grinding grains. On the other hand, wind turbines generates power for electricity.

bangui windmills

However you call it, Bangui Wind Farm is surely a must-experience destination whenever you come up to Ilocos Norte. Stop by not only for its panoramic excitement, but also to appreciate that clean, renewable energy is a great way to help save our planet.


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