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The Enchanted River of Hinatuan

Perhaps none could ever come close to the bewitching colors of the Enchanted River. From its variations of blue tint to emerald green until it fades out to the sea in mirror-like turquoise water, this river is indeed a spectacular liquid canvass.
Tucked in Barangay Cambatong, about 12 kilometers from the national highway in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, the Enchanted River was once an unknown getaway. It only rose to fame in the recent years when the roads that led to it have been paved and explorations became guided. Since then, the quiet town of Hinatuan became an oasis. 
More than the mystifying colors of the river, tourists are charmed by its folklore. Fishermen talk about its stories of unfathomable depth, of fairies bathing on the river and disappearing in a spin of fireflies. Songs and poems of magical apparitions are narrated and handed down from generation to generation. Whatever there is to this river, it is for sure an enchanting one.
As sure as any river, it always flows out to the sea and a whole new experience unfolds. In the middle of the vast water is Vanishing Island, a small sandbar perfect for a quick plunge. Sarzosa Punta, a small cave by the sea is a popular pitstop for its image of the Virgin Mary inside. Pushing farther is Pangasinan Island where tourists can explore its long white sand beach line facing the Portlamon Bay. A sumptuous feast of fresh catch of fish, crabs, lobster and squid await the hungry beach bums in Sibadan Fish Cage. Here, either you snorkel for your lunch or just wait to be served like a king.
Be it an exciting or bewitching travel experience, Surigao del Sur has always something sure to offer.
By Air
By Land
  • The easiest route is from Butuan City. Travel time is approximately 4 hours. If you are traveling on a private vehicle, this could save you more time. Those taking the public transport, there are buses that ply the Butuan-Mangagoy route. From there, take the jeepney to the jump off point. From the main road, rent a motorcycle called by the locals as habal-habal to the waterfall.
  • Overnight stay is permitted. You may pitch your tent in the picnic area. Budget rooms (dormitory type) are also available. This needs to be arranged with the local tourism office at +63 86 8536089.

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