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Kapurpurawan Rock Formations | Rocking Ilocos Norte

She is beauty in distress & a nature’s work of art. She is the timeless landmark that rocks tourists in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Meet Kapurpurawan Rock Formations — the rockstar sentinel of Bangui Bay.


Kapurpurawan is a naturally chiseled limestone formation perpetually beaten by the waves of the sea & the howling northern winds of Ilocos Norte.

It is hailed from the word “puraw”, meaning white in Ilocano. These massive & brilliant geological creations have weathered time, oceanic & atmospheric forces for millions of years. It punctuates the coastline of Burgos along the West Philippine Sea.


Alluring Kapurpurawan: Must-Instagram Creations

Bizarre rockheads sit on massive outcrops crouched by tidal pools. Water sprinkles like tiny geysers from unsuspecting blowholes when tides hit its jagged edges. And on a clear day, Kapurpurawan’s calm panorama easily resembles an otherworldly scene in a sci-fi flick.

However, when the sea swells, calmness turns to madness. As the surging water breaks out against the boulders, it gushes back down to earth like a curtain of ocean.


In the past, guests could easily reach the rock formations on a short walk or on slow horseback ride from the headland. They could freely clamber up the rockheads & take those top-of-world shots. Not only are picnics under the outcrops a common thing, but also are unguided tours that ant everywhere.


But overtime, Kapurpurawan showed signs of stress like mineral displacements, frequent erosions & tacky vandals on its walls. Consequently, the government restricted explorations & only allows viewing from a safe distance. Also, picnics that leave mounds of trash have also been lessened due to these eco-regulations.


Kapurpurawan’s sweeping landscape is a silver screen worthy spectacle. No wonder why many local fantasy-themed movies have been filmed here. Interestingly, the rocks are more sparkling during summer months when the sun is at its brightest. And during the monsoon season it’s nice to watch the water surging & splashing like waterfalls.


Surely, the rock formation of Kapurpurawan is one of Burgos’ most adored attractions. Alongside other nearby sights like Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Bangui Windmills & the beaches in Pagudpud make this side of Ilocos Norte a stretch of fun & adventure.

kapurpurawan rock formations

Sneak in a visit & experience a rare geologic wonder as well as a natural art. And as times are changing, this objet d’art that enthrals her every audience is a fleeting beauty too. So come now before time & tide overshadows it.



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