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Batanes | Sabtang Island Complete Attractions Guide

It has been a while now since I last set foot on Sabtang Island in Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. I have a lot of beautiful memories of this place & I am counting the days ‘til my next visit in time for the 2nd Vakul-Kanayi Festival.

vakul kanayi festival

If there were any word that best describes Sabtang Island, it would be TIME-WARPED. The bucolic townscapes, the old people casually walking in their traditional farm clothes & the deafening silence make you feel transported centuries back in time.

Sabtang Island, the homeland of traditional Ivatan living

sabtang island

Its quaintness & rarity peppered by spectacular panorama & the gentleness of its people are what I love most about this island. Sabtang is a living museum of traditional Ivatan arts, crafts & architecture. And they’re not tourism showpieces but real rural lifestyles still lived to this day.

Despite being just a small island on the raging waters of the Pacific & West Philippine Sea, it took me several visits to see its entirety. It is so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to rush & just live it one sight at a time.

Here are the pretty sights that I explored.

Sabtang Lighthouse

sabtang island

Perched atop a cliff, the lighthouse greets every visitor to the island with so much grace. Come here at sunrise & experience dramatic silhouette shots.

San Vicente Ferrer Church

sabtang island

From 1785 to 1956, the church dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer battled with episodes of earthquakes, typhoons & uprisings. The church made of lime & stone still stands to this day & a favorite rendezvous by locals especially at sundown.

Conscience Store

sabtang island

If south Batan has Honesty Store, Sabtang Island has Conscience Store. Its name says it all — get what you find & just leave your payment. No one’s watching after it but remember, God is their CCTV.

Sabtang Idjang

sabtang island

Visitors rarely visit this spot on top of the hill because the trekking trail is quite difficult. But if you’d persevere, you’ll be rewarded with a differently beautiful aerial view of the town & the nearby islands.

Savidug Village

sabtang island

Traditional Ivatan homes are made of stone & plastered with lime. But the type of roofing styles called sinadumparan & maytuab differentiate them. Savidug Village exemplifies this kind of island engineering, not in ruins but real-life homes with people living on it.

Achichuk Beach

sabtang island


Tourists usually rush to the village in Savidug & miss out on this beach with a cutesy name, Achichuk. But this place is one of the best spots to take a stroll, get a tan or just wallow on its clear water.

Chamantad – Tinyan Viewpoint

sabtang island

By the time daytrippers arrive on Sabtang Island, this beautiful lilac sunrise bleeding from the side of Batan is already gone. This is one of the reasons why you need to over on the island at least a night before & be on this spot as early as 5AM.

Chavayan Village

sabtang island

Similar to Savidug, Chavayan is a village decked with stone houses. But here, they have more jin-jin homes, the oldest style where all its walls & roof are made of bound cogon. Check out the chapel of Sta. Rosa de Lima at the edge of the village too.

Chavayan Weaving Center

sabtang island

Sabtang Island is home to the finest weavers of vakul & kanayi. These are the traditional gears made of shredded leaves of voyavoy & worn by farmers & fishermen. These farm accessories are unique only to the Ivatans.

Ahaw Rock Formation

sabtang island

If there is one iconic landmark of Sabtang Island, this would be it. This natural rock arch is also called Nakabuang or Mahayaw. Come here very early in the morning or late afternoon when it is not against the light.

Morong Beach

sabtang island

Morong Beach is where Ahaw Rock Formation is. This long white sand beach is best visited early in the morning if you intend to swim. If you just want to go for a stroll, come in late afternoon when the sun is already soft.

Morong-Nakanmuan Pass

sabtang island

Officially, there’s no name for this viewpoint yet but I will name it Morong-Nakanmuan Pass. Many tourists miss this because it’s not part of any daytrip itinerary. But if you want to catch dramatic shots of the island’s fringes, this is the spot!

Sumnanga Fishing Village

sabtang island

Sumnanga is on the northern tip of the island. It is a compact fishing village where the famous dried fish fondly called “one-day old” are made. Explore the backside of the village too & be in for pretty sights. Sumnanga & Nakanmuan are also jump-off points to visit Vuhus Island.

sabtang island

Sabtang Island is a tableau of wonderful sceneries, a medley of whitewashed antiquities & quaint panoramas. I love Sabtang & if this is your kind of island vibe, you’ll love it too.


Catch the 2nd Vakul-Kanayi Festival on April 25-27, 2017
For more details, contact Sabtang Island Tourism Office.
Click on this link.





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