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Top 10 Sights in the World That Can Also be Found in Batanes


The internet incessantly feeds our wanderlust with photos & videos of beautiful places around the world. But there are also spots in the Philippines like Batanes that is so blessed with sights similar to what we adore in other countries.

Batanes is the northernmost frontier of the Philippines.

It is the smallest & the farthest province in the north. And it is also the most coveted travel destination in the country. These tiny dots are so isolated from the rest of the archipelago enabling them to preserve much of its natural beauty & culture.

If you fancy to see the beautiful landmarks in the world but can’t do it yet, Batanes may just give you a quick world tour. Or if you’ve been to those amazing places abroad, check out Batanes too & experience what it’s like being here.

New Zealand

Batanes is oftentimes compared to New Zealand because of its rolling hills & pasturelands decked with cows & cattle. Here, it’s a refreshing treat for those who love the view of expansive greens & blues, tranquil farm life & abundance of silence.

New Zealand's rolling hills. Photo credits:

New Zealand’s rolling hills. Photo credits:


Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco, Batanes

Nova Scotia

If Nova Scotia in Canada has Peggys Point Lighthouse, Batanes is beautifully littered with lighthouses too. Dubbed as Tres Marias, the lighthouses in Basco, Mahatao & Sabtang are truly cinematic.

Peggys Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo credits:

Peggys Point Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo credits:


Sabtang Lighthouse in Sabtang Island.


Not as ancient as China’s Great Wall, but up on the hills of Tukon in Basco is what the Ivasays of Batan Island call The Great Wall of Batanes. This kind of view is also abundant in Itbayat, the northernmost inhabited island.

The Great Wall of China. Photo credits:

The Great Wall of China. Photo credits:


The Great Wall of Batanes in Tukon Hills.


In the Provençal village of Gordes in France is Village des Boires, an 18th century village filled with limestone hamlets. But in Batanes, especially in the island of Sabtang, these stonehouses are not museum pieces but real homes with people still living on it. Check out the towns of Savidug & Chavayan for these indigenous architectural styles.

Photo credits:

Village de Boires in France. Photo credits:


The House of Dakay in Ivana is just among the many stonehouses in Batanes.


The islands of Gozo in Malta & Itbayat in Batanes have something in common—natural stone arches rising from the sea. Boats pass through the limestone arch as they approach Chinapoliran Port in Itbayat. In Sabtang, Ahaw Rock Formation is also another popular landmark.

Azure Window in Malta. Photo credits:

Azure Window in Malta. Photo credits:


Chinapoliran stone arch in Itbayat Island.


If the Land Down Under has the Great Ocean Road—Batan, Sabtang & Itbayat have this kind of fantastic coastal roads too. Carved from mountainsides, these coastal roads in Batanes offer breezy & panoramic drives.

The Great Road in Australia. Photo credits:

The Great Ocean Road in Australia. Photo credits:


Coastal road in south Batan Island.

South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa may boast of its rugged rock walls & so is Itbayat. Rapang Hills is the most sought-after sight here with long & high walls of jagged limestone that overlooks to the West Philippine Sea & the Pacific Ocean.

Camps Bay in South Africa. Photo credits:

Camps Bay in South Africa. Photo credits:


Rapang Hills in Itbayat Island.


Conde Naste lists Agonda Beach in Goa, India among its top secluded beaches in the world. Well, they obviously haven’t been to Vuhus Island in Batanes. Since it’s uninhabited, it keeps its pristine beauty like no other.

Agonda Beach in Goa. Photo credits:

Agonda Beach in Goa. Photo credits:


Island life in Vuhus.


Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County in California is not even half the grandeur of boulders that naturally fringe the eastern shores of Batan Island in Batanes. Dubbed as Valugan Boulder Bay, catch these magnificent assemblage of stones by sunrise & experience an ethereal feel of light creeping from the horizon.

Photo credits:

Bowling Ball Beach in California. Photo credits:


Batanes rocks! Valugan Boulder Bay in Basco.


The South Pacific islands are abundant in beautiful uplifted coral islands like Kiribati. In the Philippines, the island of Itbayat ranks among the world’s largest uplifted coral. See the corals from the turquoise water & huge waves crashing on its million-year old solid fringes.

Kiribati. Photo credits: www.flicker/

Kiribati. Photo credits: www.flicker/


Itbayat shoreline.

Alright, no two places are alike. Each has its own qualities to make it a place for your indulgent vacations. But do checkout Batanes & its wonderful takes on the world’s most admired sights.

If words & pictures aren’t enough to make you believe that Batanes is awesome, check out this short video below.



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