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Subic adventure isn’t only about the usual trips to the zoo or to the waterpark. It is neither only about duty-free shopping nor basking down in the beach. It is also about tribes, treks & many things about adventures that care.

subic adventure

Subic is a huge place. This includes the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, the Bay Area & other places that fringe it. While it’s most known for its coastal splendor, its mountains that divide it on the eastern side with Pampanga & southward with Bataan is also beautiful.


Subic Adventure with MAD Travel

subic adventure

If you want to experience Subic differently wonderful, MAD Travel (Make a Difference) offers eco-tours in one of the rainforests in Zambales. Truly, this one’s worth the hashtag #responsibletravel.

el kabayo trail subic

MAD Travel is a social enterprise that runs social tourism programs such as Tribes & Treks. It aims at bringing travelers like you to places that provide evocative experiences. It allows you not only a chance to explore nature but to create moments of meaningful interactions as well as to bring home inspirations.

Check out MAD Travel in one of the many noble things they do in the video below.

One of Tribes & Treks Subic adventure destinations is the El Kabayo Trail in Sitio Boton. This track goes through a triple-layered canopy rainforest or a dipterocarp type of forest. In other words, it is lushly roofed that you won’t be under the sun too much.

subic el kabayo trail

This trip is awesome for families & friends. Also, it is great for company outings who want to do corporate social activities that matter.


subic mad travel

Subic is home to the Pastolan group of the indigenous Aetas who speak the now hardly heard ambala language. And these wonderful people have something to say. Click the short video below made by Know Your North.

All Worth the Sweat

Admittedly, trekking isn’t much of my thing because of physical dependencies. And if I do, there has to be a strong reason. But I am so glad to have joined Tribes & Treks tour because it is a cause that is important to me — caring for nature.

mad travel tribes and treks

The trail is fairly easy, trekking through a maze of native trees & bamboo canopies. There are brooks & rivers along the way. Then there’s a short waterfall perfect for a quick dip. Tucked somewhere in the deep jungle is a small Aeta community who acts as stewards of the forest.

subic zambales

What one thing nice about MAD Travel’s kind of Subic adventure is it teaches you bush living through real life interactions with Aeta guides. As masters of the Zambales forest, they introduce you to easy remedies using herbal medicines & finding watervines that naturally quench thirst.

aeta subic

mad travel ph

Moreover, the tour also teaches you the ways of forest living like making utensils out of bamboos & making fire. As a take-away, you also plant native trees as your travel memory. Isn’t that fantastic?

subic adventure

Travel Awesome. Travel Responsibly.

As our world’s beauty is fleeting, so are our choices of travels. Let’s just make conscious efforts in discerning who to travel with like tour operators that dare to create memories over profit. Let’s ask ourselves too if our trips are supporting causes, because it greatly matters.

subic adventure

Above all, let’s ponder if we are making ethical choices on ground. At the end of the day, it’s our Philippines, our world. Truly, Subic adventures with MAD Travel’s Tribes & Treks program is admirable.


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