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Cagayan de Oro City | Best of Weekend Adventures

Cagayan de Oro is dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship. But as affable as it is, this city is also chockfull of adventures at every turn. And it only needs 48 hours to prove to you that it is the best outdoor adventure city in the Philippines.

cagayan de oro city

We are a country so blessed with endless escapades — name it, we have it! However, there are places that have more of a whip hand at the adrenaline league than others. Thanks to a mix of natural resources & good tourism design, these cities like Cagayan de Oro have brought outdoor adventure tourism to a spike.

cagayan de oro

Experience Cagayan de Oro in 48 Hours

Weekend warriors unite because Cagayan de Oro is so ready to take your whirlwind holiday to a spinning madness. Yes, 48 hours can be so demanding but surely nothing is hard & ambitious for adrenaline junkies like you.

I compiled in this list the most raved upon activities that fit a weekend itinerary — from touch down to fly out. So are you ready to put your endurance to the test? Check out this awesome hitlist!

cagayan de oro

Arrival Plan

cagayan de oro

White Water Rafting

cagayan de oro

Let’s face it, Cagayan de Oro made white water rafting popular in the Philippines. It’s comparable but unbeatable because these expert guys have been doing it even before it came to fame.

Click here now to know more about white water rafting.
Activity time: Half Day (usually 8AM to 12nn)
Tip: Arrange a riverside picnic lunch with your tour operator

Seven Seas Waterpark

cagayan de oro

There’s nothing quite like Seven Seas Waterpark in the entire Visayas & Mindanao. Not because it is the only of its kind, the attractions here are also world class.

This waterpark is a universe of water slides — riptide reef, boomerang slide, pira-chute & escape tunnel. But if you want to slap that spirit-flying experience, try the cyclone, plank drop & the cutlass. These extreme slides will surely shoot your balls up your throat!

Seven Seas Waterpark is in the next town of Opol, Misamis Oriental. Trust me, you won’t even know the boundary because it’s closely linked to the city.

End of Day but Not the End of Adventure

cagayan de oro

By this time you’ll be flat out tired. Freshen up in your hotel & take a nap. At 7 PM powder up & check out the exciting nightlife of the Cagayan de Oro. Oh yes, you’ll be surprised that this city never beds its guests early.

Dinner is best along Corrales Street as it is the city’s most happening eat-strip. My strongest reco is Boy Zugba. Then head towards the opposite end at The Lifestyle District for a nightcap over well-chilled beer.


My strongest recommendations are:
Luxury – Seda Centrio Hotel
Mid – 1A Express Hotel
Budget – The Loft Inn


cagayan de oro

Nothing, as in nothing comes closest to human flight that is mortally affordable than paragliding. Yes, it sends an automatic tingle down your spine because it’s truly exciting. Don’t panic, it’s tandem paragliding. So all you have to do is to sit & let your pilot command the flight.

Know what it really feels like to paraglide? Click here now, babe.
Tip: Proceed to early lunch at Hugo Sky Lounge. Don’t look far; it’s just below the launch deck.

Mapawa Nature Park

cagayan de oro

Mapawa Nature Park is an eco-haven up in Malasag, just 30 minutes drive from downtown. With 2,500 hectares of playground, the things to do here are seemingly boundless.

You can trek or bike along a lush trail, zipline on treetops, rope down a canyon or wade on a waterfall. You can as well pitch a tent & spend quiet time over smores & books.


cagayan de oro

After two days of non-stop action, you must be dead as a log. Head to the spa & get that much needed knead. Cagayan de Oro is also a spa city & there’s one in almost every corner in Divisoria area.

Departure Plan

cagayan de oro

One last thing, save yourself from the hassles of prepping the logistics by booking through a DOT-accredited tour company. Earth Explorers Travel & Tours is one of the best local travel agencies in town. Surely, they charge a little for their services but they make sure your weekend holiday in Cagayan de Oro would be as “chada” as possible.


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