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555 Tuna Rice | Happy Rice Meal on the Go!

555 tuna rice

Living a full-time life of travel, I am often asked how I keep up with good food on the road. Well, there’s really nothing special about my on-the-road meals. I just pack my basics like water, biscuits, candies & 555 Tuna Rice foil packs ‘til I get to my next fancy buffets!

I am a huge rice-eater and my waistline tells more of that. Getting my second helping of rice is quite a struggle, tearing me apart between shameless cravings & being the element of tease. But just as the saying goes “swallow your pride”, I burrow my head & swallow my rice!

I love rice & thank god there’s 555 Tuna Rice!

Do you remember those rice boxes that come with different ulam toppings? Or those old-school baon wrapped in banana leaves? The concept is the same but just made better in easy-to-carry & easy-to-open foil packs.

555 tuna rice

It’s not even a rocket science recipe; it’s just your good old & heart-loving tuna with ready-to-eat rice. Now, isn’t that awesome?

And speaking of awesomeness, 555 Tuna Rice has real-life tuna flakes with truthful flavors of our favorite Filipino ulam like afritada, adobo & sisig. As a big fan of rice, I’m very critical on how it is prepped & this one surely passed my standards—well-cooked grains, just like how it is done at home.

555 tuna rice

I have to admit that growing up, I never really liked outdoor activities like trekking & camping. I just hated the fact of tugging so many extra things on my back like food ingredients, clanking skillets & portable stoves.

And who wants to heat up food on fire after a long sweaty day of trek? It’s just too time-consuming.

555 tuna rice

But with the new 555 Tuna Rice, I get to enjoy more the activity without having to worry about cooking food or carrying too many stuff. I can eat on the trail anytime or just sit by the fire & enjoy my filling meal under the stars.

Luggage space is very important especially when I go on a backpack trip. With this complete rice meal packed in a foil seal, I can easily carry it anywhere.

When you’re always on the road, tucking 555 Tuna Rice can be very convenient. This no-cook-meal will surely save you especially in places where you are not sure how the food is prepared.

Just like many Pinoys, I grew up with 555, a brand name that is trusted for delicious & affordable packed food. I remember campings during my boyscout days were never complete without the 555 corned beef & meat loaf. And who would ever say no to a plateful of steaming rice topped with chili hot 555 sardines? Now, I’m hungry again.

555 tuna rice

For over 30 years, Century Pacific Food continuously delivers the goodness of food & there’s no reason why I won’t trust 555 Tuna Rice especially now that I live a life of travel. And with an SRP of only P27.50 per foil pouch, I get a complete meal that brings the comfort of home-cooked ulam & rice in an all-in-one to-go pack!

Ka-eat saan, ka-eat kailan, 555 Tuna Rice is now my new travel buddy!



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