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Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD | My New Travel Buddy

cloudfone thrill 600 fhd

Just like most of you, my photographs are among the 400 million that are uploaded on Facebook & Instagram everyday. I capture these fleeting memories using my Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD. It’s vivid & super clear, feature-packed & very handy.

cloudfone thrill 600 fhd

It’s not a secret that smartphones pushed photo & video sharing into a phenomenon. With its wide availability & affordability, these handy snappers eclipsed the days of DSLRs. Internet connections have also become easy on the pocket making pose & post all to happen easily.

cloudfone 600 fhd

As a travel blogger, going on a trip also means taking it on a full-gear combat. I need to tuck my laptop, mobile phone & DSLR. But it is seriously difficult for me to carry all of these at all times especially that my travel style is spontaneous.

With my Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD, traveling became easier, lighter & faster.

I have to admit that I was never a big fan of phone photography in the past. I felt it lacked the brilliance I was looking for in my photos. But I have already missed many three-winker scenes just by fixing my camera settings. By the time I was ready to shoot, those perfect moments are gone.

Then I came across Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD. I am just so in love with this gadget realizing that I can travel or attend any occasion without totting a DSLR.

cloudfone 600 fhd

I’m very critical when it comes to my photos. I need them vibrant, crisp & seriously clear. With 13MP rear camera on Cloudfone 600 FHD, it gives me sharp images that I can confidently use for my online posts & even digital prints.

cloudfone 600 fhd

I love to take panoramic shots because it captures the entire scene in a single photo. Other smartphones have this capability too. But I honestly find it hard to control, giving me poorly stitched frames. Happily, Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD’s angle image mode follows my movement flawlessly resulting in a clean & movable panorama capture.

If you like to post funny memes, this phone allows you create GIF images through motion track mode. Just loop each frame & presto, you have an animated photo.

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Personally, I am not really into selfies. But loving it or not, Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD equips its 8MP front camera with gesture detection. This allows your classic pose as a trigger to fire the shutter without pressing a button.

Taking short videos is something I really want to learn as more people are glued on web television. I have never ventured into vlogging yet but I have started to explore it using my smartphone. So far, I love the live photo mode because the quality it takes is more than what you expect from a camera phone.

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Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD is the happiest departure from all the bulky stuff I load on my back.

Gadget space is what one thing that kills the romance of traveling light. This is the reason why I switched to compact gears. Smartphones are great device mergers. It is a phone, PDA, camera, music & video player, e-book reader, navigation tool & a WIFI adapter—-all in one & fits just right in your pocket.

cloudfone 600 fhd

As a frequent DIY traveler, I am very dependent on my smartphone. It helps me book my hostel, locate a place, translate phrases into different languages & calculate money exchange rates.

During long trips, it helps me ease the boredom by watching videos. I love it on my Cloudfone because it’s full HD in a true 1920 x 1080 pixel defined graphic display. It has a stunning 6-inch screen that shows vivid cinematic colors. Coupled with a crisp audio system, watching videos on it is a theater-like experience.

cloudfone 600 fhd

One thing I do not use on my smartphone is playing games. I’m just not interested. But my friend who is a hardcore gamer says that its smooth & responsive touch experience dips him so much into the game. Well, how can you go wrong with octacore running simultaneously + 2 GB of RAM?

More than anything else, connectivity is very important in choosing a smartphone. After all, this is what it’s all about—-being able to work or play & share moments instantly online. With WIFI or HSPA+ functionalities, you’re always on the go.

cloudfone 600 fhd

But what are all those features & functionalities for when your phone isn’t supported with good memory space, battery capacity & compatibility with other devices?

I am just glad that Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD meets more than what I look for in a smartphone. It’s 32GB, Android Kitkat 4.4, wireless charging compatible & with the right accessories, it works well with most other devices.

cloudfone thrill 600 fhd

As travel becomes an ordinary lifestyle fueled by phenomenal seat sales & more affordable destinations, so are smartphones that explode with limitless applications. I like to pack & go, capture photos, write stories & post it on the web. What better way to make it all easy & fun than having a reliable gadget that fits my kind of life?

Now this is what I call sensational. Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD—all the best there is to a smartphone.



Cloudfone Thrill 600 FHD is available in all Cloudfone stores & partner retailers. SRP P13,999.

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