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Hijack Sandals | Urban Chic Sandals for Travelers

In another story I wrote about how I easily ripped off my money to Bandung’s maddening world of shopping. And I have to add another confession because just minutes before we left the city, I carted out more—a pair of Hijack Sandals!

hijack sandals

I have to admit that I’ve already bagged out more than what I intended to shop in Indonesia. Although I was already able to buy a pair of thong sandals, I wasn’t so happy with it because it was the only thing that came closest to what I really wanted to have.

Then I spotted Aldi, the Indonesian superstar instagrammer behind the account @skinnymonkey strutting in slip-ons exactly the same with what I was looking for.


The moment I laid my eyes on it, I never let Aldi escaped me & bugged him where he got it. “Oh these are Hijack Sandals & it’s made here in Bandung!”

I instantly panicked thinking their store could just be within close radius from us. But we were about to leave for the airport & that struck me with frustration.

Luckily, Hijack Sandals sells its stuff online! And as easy as a few clicks while at the airport, Aldi got it carted out easily for me.

Happily hijacked by Hijack Sandals

I love wearing sandals whenever I travel because it’s light to walk around. Besides, I also like the feeling that my toes can breathe. But I also want it to be stylish so I won’t look frumpy.

Hijack Sandals captures everything that I look for in urban walking strap-ons. It’s lightweight, fashionably designed & made of great materials.

hijack sandals

As travelers, we spend so much time walking around. Most often than not, we end the day with sore legs & feet. Sometimes, we even get blisters.

Hijack Sandals are handcrafted from lightweight materials that allow me to walk in comfort. Its footbed is constructed in a non-slip contour fitting my heel, midsole & toes well in place. The outsoles are made of lightly grooved rubber providing good traction especially on slippery floors.


I am fat & it’s really a struggle for me to walk for a long time on flat insoles. This is what I like most about my sandals because it has well-depressed heel cups that somehow cushion the impact of my weight on the heel.

To many, wearing sandals may appear to be too casual like going to the beach or a barbeque party & not really too suited for city walks.

Of course we don’t want to feel shabby whenever we travel. This is why the pair that I chose combines the polished leather Z-strap style & the casual look of rubber soles.


I like it that I don’t feel underdressed in visiting museums or going to restaurants & cafes. It is also very comfortable to wear in flights or if you’re touring temples where you are usually required to go in barefooted.

I have tried wearing it to the beach too & I just love how the sand can be dusted off easily. And since it uses velcro locks, I can conveniently adjust the straps to a comfortable fit.

hijack sandals

Hijack Sandals has a wide array of designs, from everyday slip-ons & casual chic fashion to heavy-duty hiking footwear. All you need is to visit their website & choose the ones that tickle your sandal fancies.

I love my Hijack Sandals because its kickass pretty & durable. I can pair it with jeans or chinos & goes well with linen polos or any kind of shirt. This chic brand is just what every outdoorsman must have in his travel luggage.



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