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Things I Cannot Travel Without

things i cannot travel without

I have lived more than half of my life in travel bags. From polished suitcases to dusty backpacks, I think I live to pack & unpack. But however my travel styles have changed, the things I cannot travel without stays the same.

Beyond the basics like money & IDs, we all have indispensable items that we always carry when we travel. These may be our gadgets, night cream, pillow, camera or books. Without these things, we feel like we are missing out on something on the road.

The things I cannot travel without make me feel confidently “geared up”.

As I constantly move around, I always do my best to travel light. Oftentimes I am asked about the essentials that I carry especially on long-term journeys.

So, here are the things I cannot travel without.


things i cannot travel without

Switching to compact Fujifilm XE-2 is one of the best changes I made in my travels. It saves up on luggage space & unnecessary weight on my shoulders. Check out my shots featured in Air Asia’s in-flight magazine & Rappler here.


things i cannot travel without

I love my sleek & seriously clear Cloudfone 600 FHD. It helps me book my flights & hostels, keeps me entertained on long roadtrips & a great tool for snapshots. Loaded with GPSmyCity app, it is also my digital navigator. I use GPSmyCity because it is a reliable self-guided city walk app especially when I travel to megacities like Tokyo or Beijing.

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves


While many people use scarves as a fashion accessory, I use it as a sunshield or dust cover, a picnic mat or makeshift pillow. Scarves give tons of functions, it now all depends on your creativity.

Insect Repellant

human nature

Insect bites top my list of travel pet peeves. I am an easy magnet to mosquitos & sand flies. Bug shields like those by Human Nature & Messy Bessy are my bestfriends.

Organic Bath Soap

organic soap

Taking showers many times in a day is one of my non-negotiable habits in traveling. Call it overkill, I don’t care because nothing beats feeling fresh all day. I’m very picky when it comes to my bath soap. I like it all-natural & botanical-filled bars just like Be Healthy & Well’s Moringa & Lemograss. You’ll never go wrong with organics!

Instant Coffee


I am coffeeholic. And I don’t mind whether it’s brewed or instant as long as I get my caffeine fix anytime I want. Bringing sachets of pre-mixed coffee is easy & cheap—just add hot water & I am saved from having a cranky day.

So there goes my list of travel essentials. How about you? What are the things that you cannot travel without? Tell me about it in the comment box below.

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