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Hi! Thank you for interest in making me a part of your travel planning. However, as of this time, I do not have the capacity yet to book you in hotels and specific tours. I can only give possible links to these agencies and you may contact them directly. The most that I can share with you now is a travel itinerary to help you ease in threading all the possible sights and activities you wish to do in your vacation.
Once I have returned your email with your sample itinerary, you may wish to click a little share of donation in the main menu. It is not a requirement but will be so much appreciated.

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1. What Southeast Asian country/countries do you want to visit?

2. When do you plan to spend your vacation?

3. How long do you intend to stay in each country?

4. Are you traveling solo or with a company? Please indicate if you’re traveling with children.

5. What activities interest you?

6. Do you have specific sights to visit in your trip?

7. Do you prefer to travel on a budget or you have extra to splurge?

8. What type of accommodations do you prefer?

9. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Do you have any diet restrictions?

10. Please write below any other travel wishlist you want to be considered.

Hit the SEND EMAIL button below. Don’t worry if you think your travel plans are yet unclear. This is what I am here for. Let’s work it out over email.