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Best Places to Eat in Camiguin | Island Food Guide

Finding the best places to eat in Camiguin is as easy as dusting off the sand that clings on your toes! And as lovely as their island are their restaurants that offer the flavours of the world.

best places to eat in camiguin

Camiguin’s gastronomy scene is whipped with intercontinental flair because it attracts a lot of international tourists. So, it’s nothing but usual to find a pizza & pasta café, a tapas & pintxos nook and an Asian fusion restaurant.

best places to eat in camiguin

camiguin food

Of course, it never goes without the adored seafood & other Filipino favourites. To add, there are places too for superfood, for vegetarians, vegans & those who can’t decide.

Let’s Dig in for the Best Places to Eat in Camiguin


To say that no one goes hungry in Camiguin is true. Yes, believe the hype because what they dish in here are platefuls of deliciousness. Whatever you good food  you fancy seems to be here.

beehive camiguin

Although, there are no overload of choices, what they have is enough to fill your holiday time on the island. So let’s eat our way around the Island Born of Fire!


la dolce vita

Because La Dolce Vita just sits across the airport, it has become a favourite passengers’ lounge. Here, paging systems announce spiels like “cappellachi porcini ready for table 7”!  And that usual Glade air freshener scent is replaced with titillating smell of puffy pizza spread with mozzarella.

If you adore Italian cuisine, this place is just what you call amore!

Airport Road, Mambajao
0936 100 4733



Divers, yogis, peaceful but crazy-sexy crowd make the scene at Kurma. Or say, every tourist who understands good food & looking for a chill out vibe holes up in this windswept beachside resort. The charming owner Diggy, lets you dig in into its fusion of responsibly sourced food plus the whole shebang of fantastic living.

Yumbing, Mambajao
0917 104 0610


Hayahay cafe

Albeit tiny, this cutesy bohemian overcrowding kind of spot had served the epicureans, the curious, the ordinary and even the stars who came to Camiguin. And everyone ant around for smoothie bowls, these delicious & nutrient-packed servings of superfood. Hayahay Café is what you call, living the islander lifestyle, sort of.

Bug-ong, Mambajao
0916 529 0283


peninsular camiguin

One of the best places to eat in Camiguin sans the crowd & the hype is Peninsular. Neatly laid out in a beachside garden, this unassuming spot invites guests who have appetite for Spanish food. Must-tries here are their tapa & paella. Swing by at sunset over a glass of sangria for a delicioso start.

Yumbing, Mambajao
0977 855 2050


guerrera camiguin

Further down the coast of Yumbing is Guerrera, famous for its rice paddy foreground & excellent Asian food. Although nothing’s new with farm-to-table dining concept, they just do it so well that people made it a destination in itself. Grab their mango with lime or jackfruit with pineapple ice cream for that zesty finish.

Yumbing, Camiguin
0917 311 9859


places to eat in camiguin

Tourists travel all the way to the western side of Camiguin for Beehive. People come here for 2 things: sunset & dragon fruit ice cream. And if artsy cafes fill your dining fancies, let its driftwood & tile mosaic designs do the talking.

Catibac, Catarman
0939 932 0334


places to eat in camiguin Alex

No doubt, Yumbing is the happening strip at night. One of the spots that changed the scene here is Alex. Just by the roadside, this once hole-in-the-wall eatery now woks in as one of the best places to eat in Camiguin. If you like a mishmash of everything + booze + live band, this is where to fill your island nights.

Yumbing, Mambajao
0955 2615620


check point camiguin

Across Alex is Check Point. No, not your security check point but a mini food park where both tourists & locals hang out. It’s an all-day diner with barbeque grills at night, a grocery & bakery. Also, they run lots of events. They even have basketball, OMG.

Yumbing, Camiguin
0917 660 5495


casa roca

More of beachside dining drama is Casa Roca in Naasag. However, if you like it nearer, they have a roadside outlet in Bug-ong too! Fresh seafood plus a little mix of everything delicious make the chill-out vibe here. Oh stop by for extra cold beer or well-chilled wine.

Naasag, Catarman
0921 518 0058


northern lights restaurant

If you’re willing to wait, Northern Lights Restaurant is a good place to chill before meal. It serves comfort Filipino food, some whisked with western flair. Indeed, it is worth the wait. They have one in Agoho & another in Balbagon near downtown.

Agoho, Mambajao
0917 963 6123


places to eat in camiguin

Vjandep is a household name in Northern Mindanao because of its pastel bun. Yes, they’re the  brand behind this sweet pasalubong. And since 2015, Samuel, its restaurant is fast becoming a landmark in town too. Must-try here is their leche flan. Nomnomnom!

Poblacion, Mambajao
088 387 0443


viola's snack bar

Despite the mushrooming of new eateries on the island, Viola’s is still every local’s favorite. It has been a part of every Camiguinon’s celebration since 1962. Interestingly, nothing is fancy here, just a good old snack shack of sweet fixes.

Poblacion, Mambajao
0927  810 3880


places to eat in camiguin

Got big appetite? No problem! Feast at 4R’s Foodhouse, one of the best places to eat in Camiguin. Here, it’s everyday fiesta over a buffet of yummy Filipino favorites. While they offer about 6-8 kinds of dishes daily, the real star of the table is Chicken Sorol. Truly, this one is a tried-and-true Kinamiguin classic!

Poblacion, Mambajao
0916 426 1418


island pizza express

No frills. No nonsense. Just good brick-oven baked pizza, island style! Blistered & puffy, with your fave salami or pineapple — that’s it. And yes, it’s fast & cheap making them the place for your quick flatbread fix.

Poblacion, Mambajao
0977 801 1434


places to eat in camiguin

Expressly, J & A Fishpen is one of the best places to eat in Camiguin. First, it’s real good Filipino food. Second,  you dine by a lagoon that fills a volcano crater. Finally, if you want some aquatic sports activities, it’s easy to swing by before or after meal.

Benoni, Mahinog
088 387 4008


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