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Lagen Island Resort | El Nido, Palawan

Ideal for those who seek intimate escapes that offer both the beach & the wilderness, Lagen Island Resort is smack right dab at El Nido’s most coveted getaways. They’re exclusive but never intimidating & luxurious but comfortably casual.

lagen island resort

This 51-room resort tickles sophistication at every glance where aesthetics scream of pared-back simplicity: clean lines & natural tones. It has top-notch amenities & charming but speedy service.

With all these, Lagen Island Resort is no doubt a favourite choice among fab travelers.

lagen island resort

Lagen Island Resort: For Those Bespoke El Nido Holidays

If there is one thing adorable about Lagen Island Resort, that is its eco-luxury vibe. It has cottages floating on the water, villas by the cove & even suites tucked in the woods. However, its design aesthetics collectively emphasize a seamless blend with its natural setting.

lagen island resort

lagen island resort

A part of El Nido Resorts’ string of island getaways in Bacuit Bay, Lagen is its appointed sanctuary destination. Here, they have lush forests weaving over limestones, a tranquil lagoon & a sea teeming with rich underworld.

el nido palawan

The island is a natural sanctuary for everything that lives on & around it. Equally important to know too that the resort takes care of these wildlife making Lagen all the more awesome.

luxury resorts palawan

Lagen Island Resort is a stunning hideaway with quintessential Palawan flair. In fact, they do not need to work hard to impress. Here, sincere & cheerful service is spot-on from the moment you arrive until you leave.

el nido resorts

Living the Island Life of Your Dreams

Either too fusty or fancy, too familiar or up to the hilt, El Nido is undeniably full. If you want to escape from the crowd or enjoy being anonymous, Lagen Island Resort is indulgent. Although it is removed from town, it is never short of fun.

el nido palawan

el nido palawan

They organize daily island hoppings & that includes private ones exclusive only to guests of El Nido Resorts. To add, their fun trips come in style. You can even request for on-board butler.

el nido palawan

You can wallow all day on the pool or grab a sundowner from the bar. You can burrow a beer on the white sand beach or paddle a basket boat. Feeling lazy? Just snooze on a hammock, laze by the coconuts or get a massage.

lagen island resort

lagen island resort

However, if you’re feeling active, they have activities to give your adrenaline a pump. Sweat it all out over volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer as well as frisbee. For bird watchers, this is your playground. They also run mangrove cruises upon request.

resort in el nido palawan

The endless appetite you have certainly gets a nice work out at Lagen Island Resort. From abundant spread at breakfast to premium steaks at dinner, they plate up delicious goodness. Indeed, dining here is a destination in itself.


lagen island resort palawan

All told, but it’s also nice to just hole up in your suite. Their stilted water cottages are among the easiest picks for a reason: it’s uber-pretty. Imagine a room teetering on murmuring waves while lollygagging over well-chilled champagne. Fab!

luxury resort el nido

lagen island resort

Nevertheless, the other rooms around are equally lovely. The interiors are expressed in simple lines, neutral colors & lots of natural light. And the best part, all of it opens to an expansive veranda that either looks out to the sea, the pool or the forest.

lagen island resort

Lagen Island Resort is a well-thought about eco-wilderness retreat. Indeed, this is the place to book if you dream of a quiet, soulful holiday.


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