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LM Metro Hotel | Zamboanga City

LM Metro Hotel in Zamboanga is a bit of a happening spot in the city. With a restaurant, café, gym, event center & a huge pool, fun-loving Zamboangeños seem to make it their favorite place for staycation.

But I felt the wonderful reasons too why everyone loves this homegrown hotel. It’s polished but not intimidating & quite busy but very welcoming.

lm metro hotel

I always look for that sense of place wherever I stay. It’s one thing that reminds me of a town’s character & the pretty sites wanting to be explored. At LM Metro Hotel, it’s not the architecture that brings this feeling. It’s the vibe within; among people that speak in a mishmash of Chavacano, Tausug & Cebuano.

lm metro hotel

LM Metro Hotel: Big Style. Big Value

Its sleek steel & glass façade speaks highly of a hotel aspiring for modern engineering aesthetics. Expect steel columns in exposed applications & long-span trusses. Then there are wide glass panes that take advantage of natural lighting & views of the surrounding community.

lm metro hotel

LM Metro Hotel’s architectural expression is albeit a relaxing departure from the usual imageries of Spanish heritage towns. There are no hints of deep woody feel as well as illustrado overcrowding.

Here it’s all about modern touches — clean & simple lines, high & wide spacing that creates casual flow of elements rather than heavy ornamentation.

lm metro hotel

lm metro hotel

Each room is capaciously set up & laden with some thoughtful detailing. It’s washed in neutral colors that allows for a relaxing ambience. Some rooms open to a pool view or to a sunset silhouetted by the building across. And if you love airplane watching, other rooms have views of arriving aircrafts flying low over the hotel.

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lm metro hotel

LM Metro Hotel is also one of Zamboanga City’s chill-out spots with 13 Spices Jazz Bar to its name. In-house guests may also be served at 3rd Cup Café in the lobby. By evening, the pool area is a great place to hole up with friends for a nightcap drink.

And if you’re up for some exquisite souvenir from the south, Zia Sash Boutique right by the front desk could well be a good choice too.

lm metro hotel

There is really nothing overly spectacular about LM Metro Hotel. Neither grand staircases nor overwhelming chandeliers are there to whip up cookie-cutter design fantasies. Instead, it charms you with spatial emphasis & the play of light & shade.

It beds you in comfort & entertains you with warmth. Above all, it wins you with their service that is affably Zamboangeño.


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