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Star Cruises Superstar Virgo | Cruising Asia Beautifully Different

Globetrotters unite! Star Cruises Superstar Virgo is coming back to its homeport in Manila to begin another season of fun & exciting cruises in Asia!

star cruises superstar virgo

And nothing a homecoming could be more perfect than sailing on Christmas season. Bringing more cheers to yuletide chills, its merry cruises will on start on December 4, 2018 until January 3, 2019. Its new routes, Manila-Halong Bay-Sanya-Manila & Manila-Ho Chi Minh-Nha Trang-Manila promise yet another fun-packed 5-nights of live-aboard experience on Asia’s premiere cruise liner.

star cruises superstar virgo

Cruising is a travel bucketlist fodder for any gadabout tramping the world. Sunset margaritas on decks, pool parties, endless dining, amazing shows & pillow talks in oceanview cabins, all these excite us for a fab life at sea.

It was my long time travel dream too. But with all the shebang I found it quite intimidating. From the price that costs a fortune to the thought of mastering chichi acts of cruise etiquettes had me holding this wish for a long time.

star cruises

But last June, I finally got the chance to go on my first Asian cruise. On board Star Cruises Superstar Virgo, we sailed from Manila to Taiwan & Hongkong & back to Manila on a 6-day, 5-night journey.

That trip gave many new wonderful memories & changed the way I look at cruising. Truly, it is a great way to see other places differently beautiful in just one go.

star cruises superstar virgo

What it’s really like to cruise on Star Cruises Superstar Virgo?

Cruises may be overwhelming especially to those who haven’t tried it yet. But the truth is, it’s just like spending a vacation in a resort. You got everything: nice rooms, sexy pools, restaurants, bars & entertainment — just floating. And surely, there are more good reasons to experience this kind of travel at least once in your lifetime.

Sail Away from Manila

star cruises superstar virgo

Star Cruises Superstar Virgo is the first cruise line to make Manila as its homeport. Meaning, your voyage begins & ends here. It also means there’s no need for Filipinos to travel abroad to experience an international cruise.

Visit Multiple Places in One Go

kaohsiung art center

One nice thing about cruising is it affords you to see different places in one travel. It brings you countries that otherwise would have been done on a plane & missing that “getting there” fun factor. Cruises are both all about the journey & the destination.

hongkong avenue of the stars

And by the time the boat anchors on its port-of-call, guests get the chance to go on shore excursions either on guided sightseeing with local tour operators or you can go free & easy. I like joining tour groups because everything is convenient & saves me time figuring out the logistics.

Never a Boring Time On-Board

superstar virgo

Superstar Virgo is Star Cruises flagship boat that boasts of grandiose design & state-of-the-art technology. As it is made to be your luxury holiday home at sea, the amenities & many things to do on board are just unthinkable.

Parties are thrown everywhere — at the pool, on the sundeck, at the lobby, in bars & restaurants. And it happens from the moment you arrive until you disembark. Isn’t that cool?

star cruises superstar virgo

Zodiac Theater is perhaps my most loved part of the ship. It stages shows every night, from a mishmash of vaudeville antics & acrobatic acts to cultural performances & musicals. At daytime, you can curl up with popcorns on movie marathons or catch a magic show with your kids.

star cruises superstar virgo

If you like to bet your luck on the table, Star Cruises Superstar Virgo has Resorts World Casino on board. Wager those chips, roll the dice or stack the odds in your favour & empty the house with a jackpot!

star cruises superstar virgo

Before I made this trip, I promised I would not shop. But with a whole lot of duty free stuff on the ship I eventually ended up going home with a bag full of goodies. From trinkets & snacks to souvenirs & luxury items, the boat has quite a lot for your retail therapy.

superstar virgo

Cruising is never a passive experience by just lazing around the pool. You can sign up on short classes like learning how make sushi or origami. There are also exclusive tours where you get a chance to brush elbows with the captain & the chefs.

star cruises

But cruising on Star Cruises isn’t only packing your holiday with activities. You can choose to space out over well-chilled sundowners. At Superstar Virgo, you can cocoon in a jacuzzi, in the sauna or on soak baths inspired from traditional Japanese ofuro.

star cruises superstar virgo

I never really thought that I would catch up with that much needed “me time” at sea. I had a massage, a haircut, facial treatment & even had my nails done.

star cruises superstar virgo

Star Cruises Superstar Virgo is a floating resort as much as it’s also a means of transport. This megaship has everything to keep you entertained & even fit. It has a gym replete with equipment & fitness classes, lap pools, running tracks, basketball court & even a mini golf course.

star cruises superstar virgo

Another happy place for me on the boat are its restaurants. And if eating six times a day for free isn’t indulgence, I don’t know what else is. Yes foodies, from breakfast to midnight snack & all those yummy in-betweens are truly amazing. With about 15 restaurants, cafes & bars, the choices on board can be maddening.

star cruises

Cruising is for Everyone

star cruises superstar virgo

We always think that cruises are nothing but love boats filled with retired old folks. You’d be surprised to find that many cruisers now are younger than thought. Star Cruises has upped its game in creating more family-oriented fleet fitted with various amenities & activities that suit all ages & travel fancies.

Reasonably Priced Vacation

star cruises superstar virgo

Ironically, you do not have to be super rich to experience this kind of cruise. If you account the plane fares, hotel accommodation, food & tours, it’s almost the same, if not cheaper if you go on Superstar Virgo. Plus, don’t forget that the cruise begins & ends in Manila. Isn’t that a great steal of a deal?

Star Cruises also offers exciting promotions like Cruise 1-Take 1 making it a hip ship travel dig!

hongkong skyline

As traveling becomes a massive lifestyle, new & exciting ways of exploring the world have become available too. Cruising offers experiential travel experience & as a means of movement. And Star Cruises continues to put the joy back into wayfaring by boat, navigating our historic seas & rediscovering the colors of Asia — in style.


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