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Hippocampus Beach Resort | Malapascua Island

Sure, it’s lovely to stay in island resorts that are tucked away from it all. But there are times that we travel not to retreat but to celebrate. And when in Malapascua Island, the heart of epic island scenes tides up at Hippocampus Beach Resort.

hippocampus beach resort

Hippocampus Beach Resort is right at the midmost part of Bounty Beach, the island’s long white sand promenade. It is the the happening strip decked with beach bars, upscale resorts, dive shops, restaurants & cafes.

Alright, this is the place to see & be seen. This is the spot where you take your bikini-of-the-day shot fired with the hashtag #hot. And this is where you get your sun-kissed eggs benedict & sundowner cocktails. Let’s just say, this is the place to be.

hippocampus beach resort

Hippocampus Beach Resort: Malapascua’s Brightest

This tiny island off the northernmost coast of Cebu has seen quite a modest rising of resorts since it had its first one in 1992. There are no big hotel brands here. But there’s a lovely spread of mid-sized resorts on the front beach & a few hostels on the back alleys.

What was then known as Loida’s Beach Club is now Hippocampus Beach Resort. Under a new management, everything gave way to a lot of beautiful changes from its rooms & amenities to looks & services. Its sparkling transformation & youthful vibe make it THE favourite place to hole up in the island.

hippocampus beach resort


The truth is, where we stay actually matters because it defines the kind of experience we desire to achieve in our holiday. We may be out in the sea all-day but nothing’s sweeter than coming home to a lovely accommodation that thinks of comfort above all.

Hippocampus Beach Resort has 18 well-spaced rooms. Some opens to the white sand beach & others to a relaxing top view of the sea & the azure sky. The rest of it is tucked at the back, around a pocket garden filled with trees.


hippocampus beach resort

hippocampus beach resort

Each room is fitted with nightstands, working table & a spotless restroom with hot & cold shower. Some of it has en-suite mini-bar & safety deposit box. Their beds are laden with all-white crisp ocean-fresh linens, fluffy pillows & luxe-feel duvet for extra cold nights.

hippocampus beach resort

If you’re tall, this resort had it already thought about before you could ask for it. Say goodbye to crimping or those silly diagonal positions just so you could fit because here all their beds are made long for a real good night sleep.

Grub & Booze

hippocampus beach resort

The restaurant at Hippocampus Beach Resort is one of the busiest food spots along the front beach area. Vacationers flock here for delicious reasons: good food & breezy ambience. There’s not much flipping on the menu because they only dish up some of the most loved in European, American & Asian cuisines.

They have a huge dining area that looks out to the sea. Or if you like to fire some island flares to your dinner, set it on the beach with candles & local blooms.

hippocampus beach resort

Thanks to a few good beach bars that light up the night, Malapascua is otherwise a quiet island. Most guests snooze off before midnight for early dives the next day. But hey partyphiles, don’t fret because shindigs also begin before sundown, just in time when divers are back to the shore.

hippocampus beach resort

The bar at Hippocampus Beach Resort has the island’s amazing hootch & is always ready to spill the cocktail tales for your delight. Ask anyone who’s been to Malapascua & they’ll surely tell you that the most bomb diggity spot to get things aflame is here. And if a buy-1-shot-1 for free isn’t titillating, I don’t know what else is!


devocean divers

The resort teams up with 5-star PADI shop Devocean Divers staging fun dives in the islands & shoals around. Here, they don’t just usher you to a frontrow spectacle of Malapascua’s rich marine life, they also create beautiful memories of the underworld.

Caring for Nature

malapascua island

Hippocampus Beach Resort has got it all up in keeping the island’s ecology healthy. They don’t offer single-use plastics like straws for your drinks. They’re also at the frontline in doing regular beach cleanups & composting organic wastes.

And if it isn’t much of an admiration, they care for birds, stray cats & dogs to what-have-yous as part of their conservation efforts to keep the island pristinely afloat.

hippocampus beach resort

As modern tourism spins to the fore a whole new breed of travelers that demand quality time out, Hippocampus Beach Resort also amps its game to provide an experience that are memorable & value for money. All the changes that they constantly bring to it are part of a continuing commitment to giving a remarkable holiday. One thing hasn’t changed though —- that winsome Cebuano warmth everyone loves.


To know more about the resort, check them out here.


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