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Nature’s Eye Resort | Guimaras Island

Velvety shores, swaying palms & dramatic sunsets are the usual elements for a romantic holiday. And for travelers with a quixotic streak, Nature’s Eye Resort in the island of Guimaras may just be that beachside love nest you’ve been dreaming about.


Falling for the sweet trappings of Guimaras is not unusual—-after all, it’s famed for its luscious mangoes & idyllic beaches. But a piece of the island hemming the coastal town of Nueva Valencia deserves the sobriquet, love-struck paradise.

Nature’s Eye Resort is hidden on the southwestern tail of Guimaras. It is perched on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Panay. Crouched by a lush forest & fringed by sparkling cerulean waters, it’s hard to think of anywhere lovelier than here.

nature's eye resort

Write your love story at Nature’s Eye Resort

Nature’s Eye Resort is a honeycomb of tall trees carpeted by flowering gardens. It is fringed by a swathe of shingle punctuated by rock-strewn drama. It is quiet, really quiet.

But between the fragrant blossoms & dinning silence, I really don’t have a love story to tell. I came in alone & that hit me hard when I saw the sunset bleeding in the horizon from my villa.

Or maybe, just maybe, we can try to weave a story somewhere.

nature's eye resort

A trip down here is a storybook itinerary. It begins with a smooth sail from Iloilo to the port of Jordan. Then make your way down south snaking through mango orchards, emerald fields & bucolic townscapes.

Save for some savory stopover at Pitstop for delicious mango pizza, barquillos & native coffee, you’ll arrive in an hour or so at Nature’s Eye Resort in Barangay Tando in Nueva Valencia.


The drama begins to unfold as soon as you take the uphill walk to the resort lacing through streaks of light piercing the thick foliage.

There’s nothing magical in the setting. No fairies, no unicorns. Just a burst of island blooms & stillness.


nature's eye resort

There are only a few characters in this story: you, your special someone & the universe. And if it’s not too much, Bizquit, the most prominent resident dog may have cameo appearance & Ms Rowena your gracious host in her signature “tapis”.

Nature’s Eye Resort has only 3 villas, each spaced away from each other to provide privacy. Sunset cabana is the smallest but it is the most booked room because of its character. With a beach right by your doorstep & an endless view of the west harboring light, this spot surely feels cinematic.

nature's eye resort

Then there’s the ocean view villa. The oodles of sky, the splashes of sunshine—where you can easily forget the world—soak you in indulgence. Here, watch the fisherfolks drift in graceful paddles or the flickering fireflies at night.

nature's eye resort

Towering above the rest is the cliff villa perched on a crag like a citadel. It basks on a 360-degree panorama of the sky, the sea, the village far beyond & the islands lending itself to you.

nature's eye resort

But what’s a story without tickling your sexy fantasies? Enter the al-fresco bathroom. Imagine yourself bathing under a roof of sky & stars, stealthily silhouetted by corals, twigs & leaves. Imagine love & seduction.

nature's eye resort

Solitude & Indulgence

The resort is built for honeymooners & travelers who want to be so away from it all. It shies away from loud partying guests, big charter groups & DIY campers. Antagonizing to some but it’s not created for bargain romance.

Everything at Nature’s Eye Resort is kept simple. No gourmet meals but you can always light a candle to fire an excitement. No man-made pools but there are natural rock pools. There is no TV so you create your own piece of theater. There’s hardly a mobile phone signal & internet so you can unplug & bask on digital detox.

nature's eye resort

Let’s thicken the plot by putting in the pulsating island adventures. Nature’s Eye Resort is a short sail away from Taklong Island National Marine Reserve. Here you get an overload of white sand beaches & pretty sandbars. You can snorkel, dive, hang from a cliff or chill by the floating bar.


Then let’s come to the untangling of events, the denouement of sorts—-where you slow down & commune with the earth. Love for nature is the foundation of the resort. Trees, plants & animals are protected here. Wastes are recycled & upcycled. Peace & quiet are safeguarded.


Wonderful nothingness is what makes Nature’s Eye Resort a darling. What it desires you to achieve is that rare chance of living a momentary island life that is quiet & romantic in the cradle of a pristine environment.

So whether Cupid’s nice or naughty, this love nest is surely anyone’s romantic travel dreams.


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