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Vacation Home Rentals in Baguio | Forest Cabin Holiday Home

From family residences to condominium units, listings of vacation home rentals in Baguio City are dizzyingly long. But certainly there aren’t a lot of American cottages or log cabins out there that are available for short-term rents.

forest cabin holiday home

I always stay in hotels everytime I visit Baguio. But I have always dreamed of staying in a cabin with a real fireplace—-in the woods & among the thick fog.

Finally, I got the chance to cross it out on my bucketlist when my friends rounded up everyone for a weekend staycation in Camp John Hay.

Woodsy Vibe: Vacation Home Rentals in Baguio City

vacation home rentals in baguio

Staycations in Baguio is one of the easy-breezy getaways many Manila urbanites do especially on weekends. Tourists come for its highland chills, cool cafes & restaurants, fog-hugged panorama & night markets.

While most vacationers stay in hotels, tourists who come in large groups have found vacation home rentals in Baguio more value for money & fun. Sure, there are a lot of transient homes around but the experience of being on the posh side of the mountain is different.

We stayed at Forest Cabin Holiday Homes in Camp John Hay. And surely, this place is so beautiful that a weekend stay isn’t enough for chilly vacation.

27A at the Forest Cabins

forest cabins camp john hay

The Forest Cabins is one of the clusters of exclusive American country homes on Scout Hill inside Camp John Hay. These duplex homes are privately owned but some of it can be rented out to tourists.

vacation home rentals in baguio

We got 27A, a lovely corner spot framed by lush pine trees. It is a 3-storey house exuding the timeless character of American log cabins. The living room is fitted with a fireplace that keeps guests warm in Baguio’s cold weather.

forest cabin holiday home

Like most vacation home rentals in Baguio, 27A is a self-catering accommodation. Its kitchen is provided with a fridge, stove, oven & complete cooking utensils. Just imagine the kitchen riot with everyone wanting to show off his best dish.

The house has 3 huge bedrooms with one of it fixed with double-deck beds. Couples can stay at the master’s room, the emos on the single room & the clingy ones who love bedtime chitchats on the attic.

forest cabin holiday home

Forget about bathroom queues because it has 3 of it & all have hot shower. In fact one has a bathtub perfect for some lalala moments. Our host also provided us with clean linens & towels.

The entire house sleeps 12 people but it can accommodate more for a small charge.

If you feel like doing steaks & barbeques, an outdoor grill nook is all for your Bobby Flay flares. Bring your yoga mats too because its lush garden surrounded by misty shrubs & pine trees will make you levitate (LOL).

Right Where it Matters

camp john hay

Ever got that feeling of being so near yet so away from it all? Camp John Hay is on the outskirts of Baguio. But it’s well within 10-minute drive from downtown.

It is a prime recreational area with picnic gardens, amusement parks, & food hubs. It is also home to all of the best mountain resort hotels in town. So convenience isn’t a problem as everything like 7-11 is just a short walk away.

But once you get inside Forest Cabins, everything changes to rustic vibe & therapeutic isolation.

vacation home rentals in baguio

A travel destination isn’t only about its tourist spots. It’s also about its food, culture, people & even accommodation comfort that make up our collective experience of a place.

Staying in vacation home rentals in Baguio City, like in many parts of the world is one of the best ways to travel now. And if you’re tugging a large company to the City of Pines soon, Forest Cabin Holiday Homes is a wonderful choice.


Click here to inquire or book 27A Forest Cabin Holiday Home

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