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The Carmen Hotel | Naga City, Camarines Sur

If one were to put a name on the classic qualities of a hotel, that being sophisticated, comfortable & offers sincere service, The Carmen Hotel in Naga City, Camarines Sur would be among them.

the carmen hotel

Back in the time when I lived in Naga for a long-term work assignment, upscale tourists only had 2 or 3 choices for swanky accommodations. The rest were the usual small town hostels & inns that catered mostly to weekend trippers & in-transit sales agents.

I haven’t been back since I left in 2012. Until I made a recent roadtrip from Manila to Mindanao via Bicol Province where I spent a reunion stopover in Naga City.

The Carmen Hotel | Bicol’s Fast-Rising Destination Hotel

the carmen hotel

I was truly eager to see my friends in town. But I have to admit that I was excited too about staying at The Carmen Hotel. After all, everyone’s abuzz about it, saying it’s new, chic & very Instagrammable.

And my friends were right all along. I was floored to arrive in a hotel that is bright & classy—-quite different from my memories of the hotels I’ve stayed here in the past.

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the carmen hotel

Straightaway, grandiose would be the best word to describe its façade. Its sleek & sexy metal finish make the building a real standout in this side of town.

Surely, I am always fascinated with pretty hotel lobbies because it gives that “staycation begins here” feeling. And I love how The Carmen Hotel played with space, light & shade to create a refreshing ambience. With clean spatial design, its lobby is truly more than just a place for checking in & out.

the carmen hotel


Owing its style to contemporary urban finish with stark palettes, their guest rooms are nothing short of the word chic! And thank you to my friends who’ve thought about getting me a suite because after a long drive it was what I lovingly needed.

With its enveloping atmosphere, its fluffy pillows & some winsome ensuite touches, getting off the bed was a real struggle.

the carmen hotel

What one thing I like about staying in boutique hotels is it reminds you of where you are. Its restaurant, the Baba Social Dining conveys a strong sense of place.

Its menu offers popular Bicolano cuisine reimagined to suit the complex & shrewd palates of urban diners & traveling foodies. They have the usual Western flair too if it’s something that tickles your fancy.

the carmen hotel

Another of The Carmen Hotel’s best expressions of hospitality is their city tour on e-trike. I had an awesome slow & nostalgic ride around Naga’s best sites like its heritage churches, food hubs & old alleys.

the carmen hotel

To say that The Carmen Hotel has changed the landscape of the city is true. Its location in downtown Naga is reshaping how the old commercial district feels like by adding vibrance to its charm.

And if you are coming in for the Penafrancia Festival, nothing beats this spot as it sits along the procession route—-in front during the traslacion & at the back during the culminating fluvial parade.

the carmen hotel

With its convenience, modern amenities, no-frill chic ambience & warm straightforward service, The Carmen Hotel truly sets a new bar in the way we experience Naga’s famed quaintness & grace.


The Carmen Hotel
Penafrancia Avenue, Naga City
Camarines Sur
+63 54 472 5888

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