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Cool Restobars in Baguio City | Part 1

While its nightlife may not have the super wild factor like the ones in other cities, restobars in Baguio City keep the town warm amidst the biting mountain breeze. Choose from an artsy-earthy style, an old-school pub hangout, modern watering hole theme & a lot more.

restobars in baguio city

From noisy to speak-easy, restobars in Baguio City are surely night-out worthy.

Session Road has always been the go-to place for food, booze & entertainment. But there’s more to Baguio than this street. Check out this shortlist of places to chill & make most of your nights when in the City of Pines.

The Tap Room at Baguio Craft Brewery

baguio craft brewery

BCB as it is popularly called is THE happening spot in town. People come here for 3 reasons: awesome craft beer, real good food & cool crowd.

This locally owned microbrewery delights beer drinkers with 46 kinds of bubbly brews from fruity to strong ales & light pilsners to heavy stouts. Complete the experience with a delicious dig of their ribs platter & buffalo wings.

If you like the breezy roofdeck atmosphere with live entertainment, just make a few flights up the floor & chill out in their beer garden.

Speak Easy at BCB

baguio craft brewery

If your kind of night out is just a sultry evening over well-chilled cocktails, dimly lit corners & quiet conversations, hole in at the Speak Easy bar of Baguio Craft Brewery.

Located on the ground floor of the BCB party building & so away from it all, this quiet room is perfect to just lounge around & enjoy sexy moments.

Kalye Uno

kalye uno baguio

Not to mistake with the one carrying the same name but spelled with a C, Kalye Uno is one of the fantastic restobars in Baguio City that serves an all-Filipino flare. It is tucked around the bend of The Mansion at 1 J. Felipe corner Baltazar Street, among beautiful pine trees & gardens.

Above anything else, they have seriously good food. Must-tries here are their exotic horse caldereta & tapa that go well with a bucket of sweating beer. Don’t wonder if you see patrons as early as the morning mountain mist because they’re just that damn good.

And if you like vintage stuff, Kalye Uno has a lot of it on display. Ask the owner if you want to see more of his private collections (hush, hush, don’t tell him I told you).

La Cueva at Ili-likha Artist Village

la cueva baguio

Baguio is hailed as one of the country’s bastions of art. And among its wild expressions is Ili-likha Artist Village, a gastronomic hub run by the Kiwing na Kahoy Food Community.

One of the much-adored spots here is La Cueva. It serves farm-to-table Cordilleran food wickedly interpreted with modern flare like pinuneg or blood sausage with yogurt. It is also a gallery & caters to small art events.


restobars in baguio city

One of the restobars in Baguio that is way outside tourist radars is Tangay-Tangay. It is originally from Pozzorubio, Pangasinan & carries its 20 years of culinary history into the Summer Capital.

No wonder its bestseller is pigar-pigar, a kind beef stew popular among Pangasinenses. It has an al-fresco beer garden & private KTV rooms that tickle your fancies of a fun night out in Baguio.


Do you know of other cool restobars in Baguio? Write them on the comment box below & we’ll be so happy to include it in our next run.

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