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I used to stay in big brand hotels in the past whenever I visit Legazpi City. But then there are times when I don’t need those fancy decors, canned spiels & prim niceties. Sometimes, all I want is a simple place like La Edley.

la edley

In the Legazpi leg of my Manila to Mindanao roadtrip, I thought of staying in a place that has the comfort & casualness of a home but with the amenities & services of a basic hotel.

Hostels would be a good choice. But then my friend suggested La Edley, a place popular among locals, transiting sales agents & those travelers with families in tow.

La Edley, Aeroville Technohomes, Legazpi City

La Edley is tucked inside a residential community around the bend of Legazpi Airport. Except for occasional landings & take-offs, it soaks up the peace & quiet of a private upscale village.

la edley

I am always fascinated with aircrafts & sitting on my veranda chasing these birds of steel was a natural high. And if you’re traveling with kids, they’d be so happy as well.

La Edley’s rooms are simple & spacious. The beds are comfortable enough & laden with clean linens. Its aircon is functioning well & the bathrooms have good running water. It’s all about the essentials I needed for a no-frill stopover.

la edley

Legazpi was planned as a quick stopover. I thought just a thrilling ATV ride around Mayon Volcano & I was good to go. But as it turned out, I spent 2 days more catching up with my online work & seeing more of Legazpi & its nearby towns.

I love that La Edley has a pool because after all, it was the best way to settle down from the action-packed tours around Albay. With well-chilled beer, a warm pool & the view of Lignon Hill, what more can I ask for from a home resort?

la edley

La Edley is more like a home resort where everything flows modest, easy & comfortable. They stripped off the spectacle factor so you only pay for what you need—-a decent place to sleep, WIFI if you need to go online, a pool & a garden if you need them.

What one thing I adore about this place is its warm service. Remember that “provincial” hospitality where people treat you like a houseguest? This is the kind of seemingly inexplicable luxury that I felt when I stayed here.

They are courteous but less the formalities of a hotel. They are cheerful but do not invade personal spaces. They are your typical “ates” & “kuyas” that you can easily strike a conversation with or laugh over a cup of 3-in1 coffee.

la edley

La Edley is what people probably say, less is more. If you’re in Legazpi & you feel like staying in a place with less the shebang of fancy spots, make it your home too.


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