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Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants in Baguio City | Part I

Creativity is not a flavor. But the truth is, new-age diners have more than discriminating palates. We also hanker for chic & picture-perfect places to eat. And it took me quite a time, a lot of extra pounds & tons of megapixels to compile the best instagrammable cafes & restaurants in Baguio City.

instagrammable cafes & restaurants in baguio city

Baguio City is undeniably the most adored vacation getaway in the Cordilleras. But more than its cold mountain breeze & the chance to whip up that winter-ish fashion, the city is also a favorite destination for food trips.

Food spots here have gone beyond the usual ethnic-artsy feel. Many of it today sport looks that are radiantly toned, asymmetrical & bold. Food are more decadent & the choices more diverse.

Get those cameras & tummies ready because these instagrammable cafes & restaurants in Baguio City are gonna make you strike a pose!

If you love cutesy pastel finish, shabby chic, hipster set-up & artsy backdrops, then here are your go-to spots in Baguio that are perfect for your shoot-before-meal moments.

Old Lucban, Magsaysay Avenue

From set-up to menu, eclectic is the word that best describes Bayleaf. On one side is the sugary feel with teapots & flowers, on the other is the regal Asian-ish touch. Some nooks have contemporary sense & others in cold metal finish.

Chef Cris whips up anything in her kitchen too, from progressive Cordilleran dishes to Vietnamese pho & American steaks. But as a collective experience, Bayleaf is truly outstanding.

St. Patrick’s Village, Paterno Street (South Drive)

If there’s a place that brings life to the slogan “I Love Baguio”, it’s Café de Angelo. It evokes Baguio’s mountain resort elements with typical American cottage home design. Their intimate spacing & open kitchen style tickle wonderful conversations.

Their food is “twistedly” delicious too! Must-tries are bacon rolls, tofu cheeseballs & vegie burger. But you gotta try their latte because it’s just oh lala!

Upper Gen. Luna Road

Call me a scandalmonger or the bi-atch from hell but I’m letting you in on a cheesy rumor. So there’s this duo named King George Bueno, a pharmacist turned fashion designer & an amiable artsy guy called Michael William Jacob who turned a heritage house into a café.

They DIYed everything, turning a shabby 5-table set-up with a simple coffeemaker to a fantabulous space with a sparkling espresso machine. And do they know their coffee well? Go sip & taste what labor of love is all about. Oh, please, you didn’t read it from me, okay?

Ambuklao Road

Instagram curators, unite! Arca’s Yard is one of the loveliest instagrammable cafes & restaurants in Baguio City. And by that I mean whitewashed walls, beautiful plating & well-grained tables perfect for flatlays.

But Arca’s is more than just about being pretty. It’s also about good organic food like their kamote pie. Another must-try is cloud tea, a wicked concoction of tea, honey & froth milk. They also have a museum & a library. And oh, how’s Sierra Madre as a backdrop for your emo-selfies?

REX Residence Hall, Upper Bonifacio Street

baguio friends

Before I got to the Coffee Library, I told myself I would just have a small bite. But dang, when I got in, I declared a cheat day! Sorry for the word, but fuck, their food is flatout delicious!

Their menu is a happy mix of all the cuisines inspired from their travels around the world. Roll baby, roll because their Vietnamese Spring Rolls are to die-for. And their Turkish coffee is devilishly divine.

411 Jose de Leon Center, Session Road

sessions gallery cafe

Who says fine art is only patronized by coiffed-hair, chihuahua-trotting madams & glamazon social climbers? Sessions Gallery Café provides a venue for Baguio artists to exhibit their masterpieces & its young patrons who love food & coffee to meet in a creative space.

Distressing the serious gallery café set-up with tatami seating style & fluffy bean bags surely create a chill vibe. They also relaxed their menu by offering “easy-to-read, easy-to-digest” choices to appeal to the younger market.

2F Gamaphel Bldg., Calderon corner Claudio Street
Middle Session Road

Wanna go wild & carefree? Sessions Cafe is by far one of the screaming instagrammable cafes & restaurants in Baguio City. Well, this place is a total eye-candy splashed with dainty colors & cutesy stuff in every corner.

Boy, at 42, I never imagined that I would still go gaga demolishing a huge glass of brain-freezing frap. I was a total mess with that frap-on-steroids but hell, it was fun!

80 Upper Gen. Luna Road

People gather in the name of food. And this is what The Kitchen is all about. It’s a yummy narrative of heirloom dishes told over platefuls of our favorite comfort food.

Set in a restored heritage house of the Lazaros, this quaint spot is filled with so much nostalgia. And if period-film setting with dramatic morning lights tickles your IG fancies, get a table on the 2nd floor.

Nevada Square, Loakan Road


Finding beautiful secret spots is like opening a caboodle of treasures & iPiatti Café is one of those food hunts that surprised us in Baguio. Its set-up is simple with just a small square space adorned in shabby chic style.

We had an overload of flavorful pasta, sausages & garden salad. And just as we thought we were stuffed, their chef dished-in a decadent bowl of fried pistachio ice cream. From there we became unstoppable.

37 1st Road, Quezon Hill


If dining in a restored summer residence of the former Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon isn’t enough to make you reserve a table, then let its rich ambience speak for itself.

BZA Home Arts Café is the current resident of this hilltop heritage mansion & attracts the upscale market of Baguio. If you adore food that gods eat in heaven & exquisite furnishings like my favorite Eiffel Tower table set, then dohlink, this is your universe.

3 Escoda St. Corner Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill

Calle Uno is one of the noisiest instagrammable cafes & restaurants in Baguio City. Framed with colorful food trucks & beetle grillers, this happy hippie spot will surely make you run-out of hashtags.

Munchiez’ steaks & Pendong Grill’s kebab are sinfully delicious. And if you like ribs that are tender, smoky & flavorful, Road Grill is a sure delight. Beware too, because Cheat Day is going to happily sabotage your diet with its quesadilla pizza & churros. But babe, Binge Beetle is gonna make you live outside your rock with its bacon ice cream!


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