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Thank You Air Asia | Filling the AIR with Gratitude

Dear Air Asia,

About two years ago, I wrote you an email expressing how good my experience was in flying with you for the first time. It was just a short note to sincerely thank you for the wonderful service when I flew to Yangon from Bangkok.


Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

I wasn’t expecting any response at all. It was just enough for me to let you know that I valued that experience. But you did reply & that heartwarming message earned you my admiration even more.

I never messaged you back. But I got another email a day after from one of the editors of your inflight magazine, Travel 3Sixty asking me if I would be interested to share my Myanmar story on print.

At that point, I instantly thought that someone from your team probably googled me & stumbled upon my blog. Anyhow, I was just as glad to feel that you take the extra lengths to know who your customers are.

Of course, I never had any second thoughts in accepting the offer & jumped right on it with so much excitement. In fact, every travel blogger probably dreams of landing his works on inflight magazines.

I gave it my best because it would be a precious chance to be read by the millions of passengers that fly on Air Asia. Besides, it was my first exposure in a magazine.

thank you air asia

There’s always a first for everything & I’m glad I made it to Travel 3Sixty.

thank you air asia

Getting a 6-page spread on Travel 3Sixty was one of my most awesome experiences.

But you surprised me again big time to find that my article did not only make it to your inflight publication but was actually the cover story of the October 2014 issue! You just don’t know how it made me feel so happy.

The right break at the right time, thank you Air Asia.

I am very thankful for that opportunity because it came in at the right moment, just as when I was starting in my new career as a travel writer.

In the early part of 2014, I made a bold decision to leave a high-paying managerial job of over a decade to live a life of travel & to rekindle my love for writing.

I hesitated to do it for a long time knowing how financially risky it is to live with this kind of lifestyle. Bloggers may just appear to be so glamorous jetsetting everywhere. But the reality is a lot of struggles happen behind those stories that readers get online.


With fellow backpackers in Bagan, Myanmar.

But then again what is life with a pocketful of money when your heart & soul are empty? This time, love wins. Soon, I found myself trotting the globe & living the dream.

When I saw your campaign video about filling the Air with gratitude, it reminded me not to forget to always be good in our quest to be great. We must express thankfulness in life’s little winnings & even in losses—not only this Christmas but also at all times.


From our hearts to yours, THANK YThis holiday season, let’s fill the Air with gratitude.

Watch our Christmas video and feel the kind of genuine care and appreciation that you will surely experience when flying with the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline.

We thank you for giving us a chance to serve you. Our gratitude shows our commitment to do better.

Posted by AirAsiaPhilippines on Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I have a long list of people to say thank you to & experiences that unlocked the floodgates of happiness.

Among them are my parents who are still in the process of understanding how their 41-year old son could think of ditching a sparkling corporate career to become a blogger.

tourism promotions board

Good times with fellow bloggers & tour operators.


With a stranger turned friend in Abra.

Then there are my friends, the only people who can stand with my mood swings & spontaneity. My ex-boss who never gives up as my life coach. The strangers turned friends & friends turned clients.

I am thankful for the failures because it teaches me to do better & for the misadventures that tell me to just laugh it off.

tourism philippines

With friends from media, Department of Tourism & Tourism Promotions Board.

Special mention to Olan, this crazy blogger who pushed me to create Travel Trilogy. And of course to my readers who inspire me to write wonderful stories.

But I will never forget you Air Asia & how that one simple thank you email led into giving me the biggest break in travel writing—at the right moment & in the most perfect space. It may be more than 2 years now since that first chance of luck but I am always grateful each day. And even if it’s not Christmas, I will always look back to that day you opened the doors to success.

trip of wonders

With the social media influencers, vloggers & bloggers of Southeast Asia in Indonesia.

It was a big opportunity that helped build my portfolio as a travel writer & photographer. Now, I get more writing stints in Travel 3Sixty & in other magazines, newspapers & online news portals. I also get invited to various tourism campaigns in the Philippines & abroad. Some travel brands are also parading for collaborative works.

air asia potpot

Another shot at Travel 3Sixty for its August 2015 issue.

I am still so away from getting my space in the blogosphere. There are still a lot of work to do & lessons to learn to get there. But I am very grateful that I’ve come this far in my newfound profession.

I am writing you again today tell you & the world that the attitude of gratitude is a powerful cyclical virtue that makes the universe a better place to live.

Thank you Air Asia. You do not just make everyone fly but you also take us there, to where dreams come true.




Who and what are you truly grateful for? Share with us your story in the comment box below.


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  • Rose M

    Hi, I’ve just come across your blog and am really enjoying it. Your story is both inspiring and familiar. As a woman in my early 40s, aching bones and all, I feel comfort in hearing about people who have not been afraid of making a change. I recently quit an ongoing academic position at a leading university here in Australia to try and find something that makes my heart sing. I traveled a lot when I was in my 20s – it was a core part of my identity, but after 2 kids, that part of my soul was repressed. I did still travel with the kids to conferences, but I seemed to have lost that wonder and awe, as I worried more about getting from A to B, finding food the kids would eat, and ensuring everyone’s sanity and safety. I just didn’t have the energy to smell the roses. But that has recently changed, and I’ve rekindled that passion. I’m still trying to decide what to do when ‘I grow up’ … but it inspires to read about people who can walk away from promotions and financial security, and choose to feed their soul instead. Keep the dream going.

    • Potpot

      Hi Rose! It’s such a delight to hear your story. Yeah, I agree how different it is to travel with kids in tow. Your choice of location, above all is one of the considerations because it has to have amenities for children. And I feel you about just getting from point A to point B. It’s good to know too that you’ve fired it up once again. My “principle” on that is to take it one destination at a time. Maybe, go back to the places that are very important to you but never had the time to enjoy them. I live a very humble life now. I did a 360-degree turn. While I live simply, I still couldn’t get away with luxe travel as most of my invitations are like that. Thankfully, I do not have to spend from my own pockets. This lifestyle is financially scary but I am able to get through, day by day, happily. Thanks.

  • I am grateful for great encouragers who see potential or uniqueness in people and push them to pursue a path where they can be joyous and fully utilized. 😀 Hi Pot! D

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