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Sultan Hotel Jakarta | Defining Luxurious Hotel Moments

I sure got some eyeballs rolling when I told my friends that I would be billeted at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta. Well, I never really knew that it is a luxury hotel to say the least. But to be told that it isn’t just ritzy but also has 5-star recognition was more than enough reason for me to get excited.

sultan hotel jakarta

We were already traveling like rockstars around Indonesia for the Trip of Wonders campaign. Jetsetting airport-to-airport & hopping from one luxury resort to the next was truly wonderful. But what everyone says that all good things come to an end, mine did in a rather lavish finale.

The official journey closed in Bali. While everyone flew back to their home countries, I made my way to Jakarta to grace a few invitations. One was a hilarious radio interview at TraxFM. Another was to experience The Sultan Hotel Jakarta, famed for its stellar hospitality.

So what’s in the name The Sultan Hotel Jakarta?

The hotel is so famous that I never had a hard time telling the airport taxi driver where I wanted to be delivered. I just dropped the name & we sped away.

I came in close to midnight—tired, sleepy & hungry. I was already thankful for a breezy check-in procedure but more delighted to know that they prepped my room well for my late arrival.

sultan hotel jakarta

But nothing prepared me for an act of sincere hospitality when the doorman asked if I would like to have some light snacks delivered to my room. This instantly earned a star for service.

After a refreshing shower & digging in on my late night platter, the long day’s travel started to knock me off. I curled up on my huge bed laden with crisp linens & feather-soft pillows. Leaving the draperies open, the megacity fireflies soon lulled me gently to sleep.

Nothing beats waking up to a bright day with Jakarta’s skyline punctuating in the horizon. It was my third time in the capital city but I’ve never seen it this beautiful in the past.

The first order of the day was to meet the hotel’s executives for a tête-à-tête at the Lagoon Café. Breakfast here is quite like with other big hotels. There’s a bountiful buffet of intercontinental day starters but giving emphasis on Indonesian delights.

sultan hotel jakarta

The hotel caters mainly to multinational corporate clientele being at the heart of the financial district. But it is also a favorite venue for events like dinner concerts & high-profile balls.

For a decade now, The Sultan Hotel Jakarta has rightfully earned its place in the hospitality industry as THE hotel to be in. But its history goes 20 years back of what was then Hilton Hotel.

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sultan hotel jakarta

Today, it continues to host state visitors, celebrities, international business personalities & sophisticated globetrotters. It is also a popular accommodation choice of convention goers as the hotel is linked to Jakarta Convention Center by an underground conveyor pass.

Swanked at the Posh Side of Town

I just love how I was being at the heart of everything. The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is surrounded by the upscale face of the city.

Over lunch at the glitzy Plaza Senayan, I joined some friends from Garuda Indonesia. Luckily, it was just a dash on a Mercedes Benz taxi from the hotel.

And what was originally just a lunch date turned out to become a full afternoon event hopping on the city’s different attractions. Jakarta is infamous for its traffic & I was so glad that my hotel is within close distance to many places of interest.

Luxe Staycation

My last few days in Jakarta were quite full of engagements, meeting friends & exploring the city. Admittedly, I barely had a quiet time for myself. Deciding to drop everything & just retreat in the hotel was a breather.

sultan hotel jakarta

Many modern day hotels brand themselves as luxury for all the princely attributes. But seriously not all affords extravagant spaces anymore. The Sultan Hotel Jakarta just happens to have plenty of it, from sprawling gardens to well-appointed suites.

And when they called it a suite, they surely mean it—generously spaced & sophisticatedly adorned. Even their bathrooms are expansive & walled in marble.

sultan hotel jakarta

I quite had a lot of things done while at the hotel. With its high-speed internet, I was able to catch up a bit of work in between moments of indulgent spa service & chilling out in the lounge for cocktails.

With so many wonderful things it offers within, no wonder why it is for a long time the playground of many rich Indonesians.

sultan hotel jakarta

The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is reminiscent of hotel aesthetics of the yesteryears, that being grand in architecture & style. But with its rustic feel also comes its opulent history & time-honored traditions of royal Javanese service.

Indeed, it was a great place to end my Trip of Wonders in Indonesia. Now I understand why I got the rolling eyeballs because after all it was THE luxuriously indulgent hotel to be.


The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is a member of Singgasana Hotels & Resorts. It is a hospitality management company with a portfolio of luxury properties like the Sultan Hotel Residences in Jakarta, Singgasana Hotel in Surabaya & Makassar, Lombok Golf Kosaido, Jakarta Convention Center & HOUSE Sangkuriang Bandung.


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