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Astagina Resort Villa and Spa | Romancing Bali

Astagina Resort Villa and Spa is someplace worth holding dear in my Bali-in-transit romance. And living up to its Sanskrit provenance for “crown”, Astagina truly served me like a king, even for a moment.

astagina resort villa and spa

I only had a weekend to spend in Bali before flying out to Jakarta for another engagement. With only a few days, most tourists would usually choose to stay in some place where they could just lay their heads for the night.

I could have done the same but I settled upon the thought of romancing the allure of the island in style, comfort & luxury.

So Astagina Resort Villa and Spa it is!

astagina resort villa and spa

Bali’s resorts, hotels & spas have become destinations on their own along with its famed temples, beaches & watering holes. With a lot of starred accommodations on the island, plucking out your paradise cribs could be quite confusing.

But choosing Astagina Resort Villa and Spa came in swift & breezy amidst the dazzling choices. It’s the only garden resort at the heart of Legian & rightfully laureled with accolades & good reviews.

Villa Indulgence

astagina resort villa and spa

I’ve stayed in many resort villas in my years of traveling. What I like most about Astagina is its veritable privacy where the villa is hemmed around with an ornate wooden door gate, creeper plants & blossoming trees of frangipani.

Having my own wading pool right by my doorstep was really luxurious. I could swim anytime & adoringly without having to share it with other guests.

astagina resort villa and spa

There are 2 suites inside each villa that perfectly accommodate a party of 4 or 6. Each of them is generously spaced & finished with exquisite Balinese inspirations. It also has an al-fresco living room, dining & kitchen replete with all the amenities that you can think of.

astagina resort villa and spa

I may have been alone but I wasn’t really lonely staying in my huge villa. I savored all the fancies of rolling on a 4-poster bed & a sexy jacuzzi time in the comfort of my own bathroom.

astagina resort villa and spa

But if you feel like staying in a villa is overwhelming, their deluxe rooms are also available. It is comfortably spaced & fitted with good furnishings.

Pampering Spa


astagina resort villa and spa

After the maddening temple run, beach hopping & scouring through flea markets, nothing came closer to heaven than Anjali Spa. Although I am used to spa treatments, I have to admit that I’ve never been ceremoniously pampered like the way they do it here.

Imagine laying down your sored body on a soft bed in a dramatically lit room permeating with the aroma of flowers & faint Balinese music. Then a douse of well-heated honey runs through your spine, slowly lathered all over your body in pressurized motions by cosseting hands.


Picture yourself in deep slumber as thick golden honey gently sloshes down your forehead & massaged through the temples all the way to the scalp. Then your face is cleansed & masked with organic treatment leaving your skin naturally glowing.

astagina resort villa and spa

And nothing beats a fancy end than lounging on a flower bath filled with betel leaves, flower petals & zests of lemons over a refreshing cup of tea.

If this isn’t what you call ultimate indulgence, I don’t know what else is.

Balinese Grace

astagina resort villa and spa

As graceful as its island’s charm, the Balinese people are often portrayed as gentle & pleasant. These traits too are the bedrock of service at Astagina Resort Villa & Spa.

Congeniality is an industry standard especially for high-end resorts. But being genuinely warm was what made me feel so relaxed here. I vividly remember how I could easily chat up with anyone from its officers to those who tend the garden.

I’m very critical when it comes to guest handling because after all it is what sets any business apart from the rest. Gladly, they measured up to my expectations of fast, efficient & cordial service.

All-inclusive Holiday


There’s so much to love about Astagina more than its villas & spa. They also hold special activities like movie nights, cultural presentations, yoga & cooking classes, Balinese high-tea time, sunset poolside cocktails & themed parties.

The resort also crafts private tours around the island that are customized to the sights & activities that you wish to experience.


My weekend affair in Bali wouldn’t have been as lovely as it was had I not chosen to stay at Astagina Resort Villa & Spa. It was indeed what I imagined it to be—luxuriously indulgent.


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Jalan Werkudara, No. 8 Legian, Badung
Bali, Indonesia


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Summary: Luxuriously indulgent! Real value for money.


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