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Ending a wonderful journey is always something not anyone is ready to embrace. But if closing it means indulging in a swish resort at Alila Seminyak, then it’s something worth looking forward to, no matter what the despairs would be.

alila seminyak

Laughter filled the restaurant’s sun deck as lowballs of spicy cha margaritas clanked in the harboring light. Sweet hurling & waves furling, everyone was amped on this twilight rendezvous.

But just like the red chili & sweet togarashi salt that rimmed the wicked cocktail of reposado & passion fruit, it was a bittersweet memory for all. The two-week journey of the Trip of Wonders was there looming in the horizon.

Of Charming & Dreamy Moments at Alila Seminyak

alila seminyak

Indonesia is truly a world of wonders basking in stunning panoramas, palate-kicking cuisine & gorgeous people. In fact, even its hotels, resorts & spas have become destinations in itself.

And Alila Seminyak is among those that sparkles the brightest in the island of gods.

alila seminyak

Honestly, we’ve been raving about it even before the trip started. With its long trail of accolades from various luxury travel & leisure specialists, whose fancies wouldn’t be tickled, anyway?

Alila Hotels & Resorts is a premium chain of artisanal living developed in exquisite locations across Indonesia, Oman, India as well as in China. Likewise, it takes pride of its ingenious eco-luxury designed properties & impeccable bespoke services that roll in the best of international standards & local charm where they operate.

alila seminyak

To experience Alila Seminyak was one of the inspirations in this journey. We’ve been around the island of Java & those pretty specks of paradise in Nusa Tenggara. But we also couldn’t hide the yearning to be pampered on our last days in Bali too.


alila seminyak

Coming in from the arid island of Labuan Bajo, nothing could be more delightful than being welcomed by the breeze of Alila Seminyak. Its open-spaced & high-ceilinged lobby already set the mood of what indulgence awaits us further inside.

My garden suite was nothing short of the word grand. From its play of space & dramatic lighting, to the rich wall finish & plush accoutrements, this boutique resort truly lived up to what excitement we held for quite sometime—ostentatious & palatial.

alila seminyak

With all of its gorgeousness, it certainly called for some kind of ensuite celebration! I popped a flute of sparkling bubbles & slumped into my daybed.

Just as when my phone hooked up with the resort’s super fast WIFI, images of other suites came cascading. Some got the ocean view & others got a swimming pool by their doorsteps. Immediately, I felt I needed to zap my moment & check out what’s around & why it is so laureled.

alila seminyak

World Class Indulgence. Balinese Comfort

Alila Seminyak punctuates the long shoreline of Bali’s famed southwest beaches. Imaginatively created like terraces of verdant gardens & multi-layered turquoise pools, the feeling of freshness is just all over the place.

alila seminyak

No wonder why it gained EarthCheck’s award for Best Practice in Building Planning & Design Standard because truly, displays environmentally sustainable principles in its design execution.

alila seminyak

However, Alila Seminyak is never what it is without the famous Bali sunset. And yes, being here means you get a frontrow seat to a dainty light spectacle.

When dinner was served, everyone momentarily forgot the feeling of melancholia & separation anxiety. Those tender pork ribs stole the spotlight & kicked the little drama queens aside.

alila seminyak

Sinking in a tub filled with fancy bubbles may not be anyone’s cherished memory in a swanky resort. But at that moment  it was my haven after a few weeks of staying out in the sun.

Then it was time to hit the sack & not for long I dozed off happily on their goose downs.

Gustatory Spin at Alila Seminyak

The next day, getting off the bed was a huge struggle. It was a battle between just wallowing on a fluffy kingdom and splurging on breakfast by the beach. As ever, the temptation of crispy sweet-salty bacon won!

Truly, there couldn’t be any more delightful day starters than at Alila Seminyak. Here, dining takes the cozy bistro style, washed in bright lights & easy seating with the crisp scent of Balinese morning breeze.

And the choices are just maddening. From the freshest catch & picks to the healthiest organics.

alila seminyak

Soon, the rest of the day went on in epic dramas as one by one my travel buddies for 2 weeks sneaked out for their home countries. Admittedly, it was getting a little bit difficult seeing them go away.

I sank into weightlessness & buoyed to the infinite skyline. And as they say that some good things never last, thankfully it ended in style & comfort….at Alila Seminyak.


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