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Antipolo Food Trip | Come Hungry!

Antipolo City is a popular pilgrimage site especially during the Holy Week. But even on common days, this place still attracts pilgrims. Albeit different & filling, they’re skyward to make the Antipolo food trip.

antipolo food trip

I have to admit that I never knew there’s something else in Antipolo other than its usual suman & kasuy. But on a quick weekend trip, I discovered that this uphill town, just 25 kilometers east of Manila is indeed more than what I imagined.

Meanwhile, it’s Antipolo food trip!

antipolo food trip

If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram (okay, you’re not, so hit the links now), it isn’t hard to imagine that I’m a yummyeologist. With my wall looking like a menu board from my hashtag-food-porn adventures, I’m just as delighted to finally find my tables in Antipolo.

There are tons of kitchens here but any Antipolo food trip is never complete without these must-chow-stops. So let’s dig in!

Antipolo Pasalubong Center

antipolo food trip

Let’s begin where any daytrip to Antipolo should be—-the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage. But before you close your prayers, you might want to ask for advance penance for the sin of gluttony that you are about to make because the best goodies await you just outside the church.

Stalls selling suman or glutinous rice & flavored kasuy or cashew nuts stand in cheek-by-jowl right on the shrine’s gate. Take them with you to Hinulugang Taktak or you can bring them home as presents.

Hush, hush! The free tastes alone are enough to kick in a bloated start.

Dela Paz St., Poblacion
Antipolo City

Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

antipolo food trip

For a home-restaurant to survive 32 years in the food industry, let alone in a once sleepy town is astounding.

Owner Susan Hassig says her success secret is being genuine in all things, from the sincerity of service to the truthfulness of flavors. Well, I just discovered her formula & I have to agree that there’s no way faking it.

Their Farm Sandwich is worth digging for! Imagine a delectable medley of organic lettuce & tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, ricotta cheese & caramelized onions sprinkled with chia seeds & packed in between freshly baked homemade loaves.

Oh & I have to say that their place is unpretentiously pretty too.

456 Taktak Road, Sitio Sampaguita, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City
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Cake Draft Café

cake draft

If the equation for being sinfully divine is great cake + hot chef, then this is sweet damnation. But let’s put aside the icing on top for a moment & talk about the real cake.

It’s flat-out damn delicious!

Now let’s talk about the chef. Clyden San Pedro is one of the hottest pastry chefs in the country today. And his great looks translate well to his pretty cakes.

I wonder how they keep their cakes at the right temperature here!

04 Oliveros St., Antipolo City
Follow them on IG @cakedraftcafe


marisons antipolo

If you think a hardcore tax lawyer & a young corporate guy can’t serve good food, then you’ve got to try Marison’s.

This mother & son tandem says their inspiration was just to serve the locals of Antipolo at par with Manila styles so they won’t have to go down to dine.

Leaving their glitzy careers behind, they stood in the kitchen & started whisking magic. But in a twist of luck, people from Manila & everywhere are now the ones going up to Marison’s to dine.

You’ve got to ask for the stars of the menu—fried kesong puti & kare-kare in cashew nuts. Then tell me if it’s not worth saying ohlala!

2F Vista Mall, Antipolo City
Follow them on IG @marisonsph

Crescent Moon Café & Studio Pottery

antipolo food trip

They say Crescent Moon Café is a popular dining spot for the “Titas of Manila”. Oh well, I have to thank them for that because this discerning generation truly has fine taste for food. And they’re teaching the millennial foodies what good food is all about.

It is a gustatory landmark for anyone doing the Antipolo food trip. Be up for a real surprise because they only serve the day’s freshest available ingredients. But Sundays here mean a time for indulgent buffets. Don’t miss the Alagao wrap because it’s kick-ass yummy!

Crescent Moon Café is also a creative space & the pottery kingdom of Lenelle Abueva-Fernando. Her daughter also just opened The Glass Bar within the sprawling complex for fresh brews of craft beer & aha moments.

Ascension Road, Sapang Buho, Antipolo City
Follow them on IG @crescentmooncafe

Verde Restaurant


If pigging-out is your game then to go Verde Restaurant at Loreland Farm Resort. Leave the smoky grilling to them & just enjoy the breeze, the sprawling gardens & the pools.

The table here takes what we love about Pinoy picnic—grilled seafood, barbeques & everything your momma tells you it’s what gods eat in heaven (read: sinigang na bangus sa mangga)!

Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo City
Follow them on IG @lorelandresort

Cloud 9

cloud 9

I was a virgin at Cloud 9, not until this trip. I’ve been hearing from my Manila friends that they would drive up to Antipolo after partying in the metro to “wash down”.

I never got what it meant ‘til I saw the beautiful lights of the big city flicking like fireflies over bowls of our favorite hangover soup, crispy pata & a few bottles of wash-down beer.

And if you just want the chills of Antipolo (both the usual & the figurative), then this is the hillspot to escape to.

Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City
Find them on Facebook as Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort in Antipolo City


antipolo food trip

In the face of Manila’s eating joints mushrooming here & there, our gastronomic perversions are still insatiable. And gladly behind those cold skyscrapers is Antipolo—with its thousand & one culinary wonders.



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