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el nido resorts

El Nido Resorts is like Palawan’s most treasured marine parks — coveted, spectacular & exquisite. It coddles not only luxuriously fashioned island holidays but also it weaves nests of earth-friendly destinations.

El Nido Resorts: Eco-Chic Getaways

As our world battles to keep its fleeting beauty, resorts that help protect the environment are truly worth patronizing. Among them is El Nido Resorts.

Apulit island resort

El Nido Resorts is a cluster of exclusive hideaways at Bacuit Bay in Palawan. It sells itself as upscale sustainable resorts within the rich bio-reserves of El Nido & Taytay.

Each island resort is themed: luxury, sanctuary, discovery & adventure. Collectively, all properties are eco-sensitive & opulently exclusive.

lagen island resort

However, El Nido Resorts not only prides itself of island living glitz & caring for wildlife. Equally important, they also merit the distinction of employing many Palaweños.

So whatever you fancy about your luxe island holiday, El Nido Resorts is indeed a perfect choice.

Pangulasian Island Resort

el nido resorts

Pangulasian Island is the cherry on top among El Nido Resorts’ premium choices. There are 42 deluxe villas neatly tucked in a lush tropical forest.

The suites are excessively spaced & fitted with the finest things you can wish for in a holiday. It screams of overstuffed beds & couches, a luxury en-suite bar & entertainment system. Moreover, all villas have private verandas with some stretching to your own pool.

Dubbed as “The Island of the Sun”, glorious sunrises & sunsets happen here on both sides of the island.

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Lagen Island Resort

lagen island resort

Lagen Island is El Nido’s eco-sanctuary resort. Actually, it’s part paradise & part architectural goodness. Everything here is fabulously laid-out. It is so sleek that you almost forget it’s earth-friendly.

If stilted overwater cottages & cove-front beach bungalows tickle your fancy, then this is your spot. To add, up in the fringes of its thick forest are suites hidden among the lush foliage. It creates ingenious design aesthetics without altering the integrity of its ecosystem.

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Miniloc Island Resort

el nido resorts

Be the hippest castaway in the eco-discovery island resort of Miniloc. This spot is adorable with accommodations modeled after Filipino coastal village vibe in a tempered luxury feel.

Notably, the rooms here evoke rustic insular ambience like its thatched roofs, wooden floors & bamboo slat walls. Likewise, its game rooms, volleyball court, frisbee & soccer fields, make it all appealing to families with children in tow & among groups of friends.

While Miniloc keeps that very exclusive feel, you’d be surprised that its next-door neighbours are El Nido’s famous lagoons & islands.

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Apulit Island Resort

el nido resorts

If you’re into active adventures, Apulit is the right resort for you. This island on Taytay Bay has activities such as rappelling, spelunking & shipwreck diving. Also, it provides spots for volleyball, frisbee & badminton.

Apulit is El Nido Resorts’ eco-adventure island getaway. Truly, it’s a treasure trove worth exploring.

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el nido resorts

It’s no secret that Palawan is one the world’s tropical allures. Surely, it’s good to know that there are resorts that care for nature too like El Nido Resorts.

So whether you’d like to discover some things wonderful or splurge on luxury & adventure, step into El Nido Resorts. Because here, living the green island life is altogether fun & pampering.


Check out what fun awaits you in El Nido in this video.

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