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Luxury Resorts in Bohol | Top 10 Picks

luxury resorts in bohol

Seeking luxury resorts in Bohol that fulfill the most pampering island holiday is as effortless as the sparkling white sand that clings in between your toes. They come in the most stylish & expansive designs to the most soothing & intimate ambience.

Luxury resorts in Bohol are more than just what meet the eye.

With so much choices, picking the best that tickle your fancies is what makes it all too difficult. I combed the shores of Panglao Island for the most indulgent all-inclusive hideaway. Surely, these spots offered more than just splendid sunsets & well-chilled cocktails. It spoiled me with the most exquisite service fit for a fabulous dream holiday.


1. Amorita Resort

luxury resorts in bohol

Perched on the cliff tails of Panglao Island, Amorita Resort regales its guests with a commanding view of Alona Beach & the wide Bohol Sea. Pretty would be an understatement to call its suites that are delightfully spaced & refreshingly lit. Its restaurant—the Saffron, takes pride of its wickedly delicious takes on world cuisines through its star-chef Raphael Ongchiong. But what really makes Amorita adorable are its above-standard guest services. No wonder why it’s called “the little darling”.

No. 1 Ester Lim Drive
Alona Beach, Panglao Island
+63 38 502 9002
+63 917 726 4526

2. Be Grand Resort Bohol

luxury resorts in bohol

Be Renewed, Be Filled, Be Entranced—-this is Be Grand Resort’s promise. And they truly mean it. Everything here comes in a grandiose package, from amenities to guest services. The suites are brightly finished & living spaces adorned with expressive Kenneth Cobonpue pieces. With its waterway pool, signature restaurants, game room, spa services & diving school—-surely, it is the place to Be in Bohol.

Brgy. Danao, Panglao Island
+63 32 236 8888
+63 38 412 9000

3. The Bellevue Resort

luxury resorts in bohol

No doubt, the Bellevue Resort brings holidaymakers with sophisticated preferences into its exclusive paradise. It pampers its guests with fabulous accommodations, excellent dining experience & a private beachfront on the radiant Doljo Beach. Bringing its world-class name into exquisite island living, Bellevue since 2012 is a sparkling landmark among the luxury resorts in Bohol.

Brgy. Doljo, Panglao Island
+63 38 422 2222
+63 38 422 2202

4. Astoria

luxury resorts in bohol

Living it up with the prestige of Astoria’s chain of resorts & hotels in the country, Astoria Bohol is truly another top-brass destination to experience. Its charm never leaves the wonderful classics—simple lines, fine furnishings, intimate & soulful. With only a few premium suites, it assures you of privacy & attentive personalized service in a little paradise that is all to yourself.

Brgy. Taguihon, Baclayon
+63 2 335 1111
+63 2 687 1111

5. Panglao Island Nature Resort & Spa

luxury resorts in bohol

Set in a lush landscape, Panglao Island Nature Resort & Spa is one of Bohol must-experience hideaways. They define luxurious holidays with freestanding private villas that are either tucked in woods or perched on cliffs. Nothing on the entire island could beat its spa service. Here, guests are not only treated with pampering therapies but they spoil you with all the spa indulgences you can wish for.

Bingag Dauis, Bohol
+63 38 510 8495
+63 38 510 8497

6. Henann Resort Alona Beach

luxury resorts in bohol

At the heart of Bohol’s prime happening strip in Alona Beach is the grandest landmark of luxury holiday—Henann Resort. It is the biggest resort on Panglao Island with 400 rooms, 12 pool villas, a 1,000-capacity convention center & all the amenities you can wish for in a resort. Truly, with so many things going on inside Henann, it is a destination resort for anyone on a holiday in Bohol.

Alona Beach, Panglao Island
+63 38 502 9141
+63 2 230 3000

7. South Palms Resort

luxury resorts in bohol

While most resorts try to achieve that fresh-whitewashed feel, South Palms Resort takes it to the brilliant end of the prism. It floods in greens, turquoise & yellows creating a happy vibe anyone dreams of an island holiday. It has villas that open to the azure seascape, quiet walkways that mimic Bohol’s man-made forest & top-class amenities within your fingertips. Stepping into South Palms Resort is like opening a caboodle of gems—it’s full of bright surprises.

Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island
+63 38 502 8288
+63 917 716 7609

8. Bohol Beach Club

luxury resorts in bohol

Long before other luxury resorts in Bohol came, Bohol Beach Club already made a name for itself as a premium leisure address in the island. It went quiet for a while when it undergone renovation. Now they’re back & they returned with a swanky bang. Their rooms have been refitted in contemporary style & new amenities are all in for grander pleasure. The only thing that hasn’t changed is its wonderful guest service—that Boholano warmth BBC is most proud about.

Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island
+63 38 502 9222
+63 927 452 7054

9. Bluewater Panglao

luxury resorts in bohol

One of the resorts in Bohol that took tropical detailing to a serious bend is Bluewater Panglao. Its suites & villas are laid out in a well-thought-about design. Even their bathrooms are imaginatively finished. The entire resort is quite compact but leaves its guests with breathing spaces in a charming landscape.

Brgy. Danao, Panglao Island
+63 38 416 0695
+63 38 416 0696

10. Amarela Resort

luxury resorts in bohol

Among the luxury resorts in Bohol, Amarela is one that brims with lovely character. Done in colonial architectural styles, all of its 25 suites reflect the artistic & historic expressions of the island. It is framed by lush rustic landscape & looks out to the panoramic Bohol Sea. But more than its well-executed design elements, Amarela boasts of its sincere Bol-anon hospitality, just what luxury should be.

Brgy. Libaong, Panglao Island
+63 38 502 9497
+63 917 774 7200


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