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lux siargao

Simple but classy, exclusive but not intimidating—-this is Lux Siargao, the newest boutique resort in Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines.

Tucked on the quiet & sparkling shores of Catangnan, Lux Siargao makes the southeastern tip of the island today’s prime leisure address. With its neat design, tranquil ambience & cheerful service, guests who fancy for sophisticated getaways can now have a place to call a home in this paradise.

Island Lux

lux siargao

Designed by Ed Gallego, one of Cebu’s specialists in architecture & interior designs, Lux Siargao stands distinctive yet harmonious with its island environs. Washed in classic white & earth tone highlights, its suites speak of stylishly muted take on luxury.

lux siargao

Lux Siargao’s guest rooms are kept spacious & bright with simple construction lines & minimal accoutrements. Its wide bed, soft pillows & crisp linens lull you easily to your desired ocean-breeze comfort.

Its ingenious use of natural local materials such as cogon & sun-dried sticks from pruned mangroves create the cohesiveness of its tropical design aesthetics.

Island Engineering

lux siargao

Siargao sits as the vanguard of the Pacific winds into the northern part of Mindanao. Recognizing its inherent climate & topography, Lux Siargao has put in a great deal of science into its structures. Wind tunnels & quake-resistant foundations are firmly in place to keep its guests safe & sound.

Exclusive Indulgence

lux siargao

Keeping an atmosphere that combines the hang loose vibe of surfing, the wholesomeness of family & the exclusivity of indulgences, Lux Siargao has thoughtfully created a space that captures the essence of island life.

lux siargao

With only 4 well-appointed suites, it’s devoid of the usual resort crowd & guests are assured of an undisturbed holiday. It also reserves one extra special suite for VIPs wanting a grander space. By special reservation, you may book the entire oceanfront estate & throw in a private party.

Sushi by the Beach

lux siargao

Lux Siargao’s Rock Island Sushi Bar is the only sushi place in an island dominated by the usual grilled seafood, barbeques & burgers. Its appetizing medley of fresh sushi rolls made only from the finest ingredients is truly the gastronomic darlings of Siargao. Set by the beach & under a canopy of bright balls of light, Rock Island Sushi Bar is a chic way to chill after a long day on the beach.

lux siargao

Behind those delectable Japanese rolls is Lithuania-born Chef Freeman, who was a London-based sushi chef but now making his own big waves in Siargao. Many of those who have come including those with the most sophisticated palates say it’s the rock star of sushis in this side of the country.

Island Conveniences

lux siargao

Lux Siargao does not only provide its guests with personalized service but also keep everything within an arm’s reach. It has a dining floor with an open kitchen should you fancy for some culinary fare. It has a lapping pool with a yoga deck. The beach swathed with white sand is just a quick walk across your room. In-suite amenities are also available for your indulgence.

Whether you’d like to go surfing, island hopping, play golf, paddle boarding or simply a guided tour around the island, Lux Siargao can arrange all the activities for your worry-free vacation.

The Difference that Matters

lux siargao

Having a personal chef is what sets Lux Siargao distinct from the rest. Guests may arrange with the in-house chef all the dietary requirements & special food cravings to satisfy your exclusive gustatory wishes.

In some other resorts, you’d certainly walk in greeted by a doorman. Here, a real family welcomes you with warmth like a houseguest. They look after your needs & wants just how it is in any Filipino home.

Meet Your Hosts

lux siargao

Larry & Feilani Rubin bring with them their love for hosting guests from the west coast of America to the Pacific coast of Siargao. The couple, together with their daughters Gabrielle & Claudia are from California. In 2013, they have decided to live the island life combining Filipino lifestyle with California casual ambience through Lux Siargao.

lux siargao

Lux Siargao is the happiest departure from the usual beach shack we know most about surfing communities. It is suitably designed to fulfill a luxurious getaway but keeping the chill vibe of the island. It understands your desire for outmost privacy but allows you enjoy hearty interactions with the people & places that make Siargao enchanting.

Lux Siargao, your place is here.

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