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Places to Stay in Port Barton, Palawan


Port Barton is home to many cozy and well-spaced guesthouses. Here, the elements of comfort & design, however simple the place is, are always put into thoughts. Accommodations usually come in bungalows by the beach with in-house cafes and they vary from backpacker rooms to exclusive villas. While there aren’t too many budget guesthouses to choose from, everything is well worth the value of your money. Here, shoestring travelers splurge a bit for the comfort you will probably find in other places in Palawan but double or triple the price.

Travelers come to Port Barton for one thing —- to enjoy the beach, away from it all. So let this leg of your trip be worth it. I listed below some of the most recommended places to stay in Port Barton.

Important Note: Always check the updated prices especially during peak season (late January to early June).

Backpacker Inns



Princesa Michaella’s Tourist Inn

Hostel Name Princesa Michaella’s Tourist Inn
Location Secondary road from the beach
Contact Info +63 9482361099
Price Range P300-P800 +++
Description Simple, quiet guesthouse in a lush garden setting. Big rooms, perfect for large groups on a budget.



El Busero Inn

El Busero Inn

Hostel Name El Busero Inn
Location Beachfront
Contact Info +63 9994863464
Price Range P400-P1,500 +++
Description Backpacker rooms are small but good location, with in-house restaurant/café.


Hostel Name Ayette’s Bamboo House
Location Secondary road from the beach
Contact Info +63 9284081551
Price Range P250-P500 +++
Description Backpacker rooms are cramped. Not so good ventilation. But they serve good & cheap food.



Elsa's Beach Resort

Elsa’s Beach Resort

Hostel Name Elsa’s Beach Resort
Location Beachfront
Contact Info +63 9212869619
Price Range P500-P1,500 +++
Description Nice cottages, good location (beachfront), with in-house restaurant. Quite a busy place though.



El Dorado & Bistro

Hostel Name El Dorado & Bistro
Location Beachfront
Contact Info / +63 9203299049
Price Range P500-P1,500 +++
Description Spacious place but situated towards the end of the cove. Sunset convergence zone. Serves cheap grilled seafood.


Summer Homes

Summer Homes

Hostel Name Summer Homes
Location Beachfront
Contact Info / +63 9062151993
Price Range P950-P2,000 +++
Description Spacious bungalows with windows, nice garden & bar, free WIFI.


Besaga Resort & Restaurant

Besaga Resort & Restaurant

Hostel Name Besaga Resort & Restaurant
Location Beachfront
Contact Info / +63 9185704665
Price Range P700-P1,000++
Description Towards the end of the cove close to El Dorado. Nice & quiet space. Pretty cottages. Cooking allowed.




Ausan Beachfront Cottages

Ausan Beachfront Cottages

Hostel Name Ausan Beachfront Cottages
Location Beachfront
Contact Info / +63 9267074154
Price Range P1,300-P2,500 +++
Description One of the nicest places to stay. Stylishly designed. Good location & nice restaurant. Free WIFI.


Deep Moon formerly called Deep Gold

Deep Moon formerly called Deep Gold

Hostel Name Deep Gold / Deep Moon Resort
Location Beachfront
Contact Info / +63 9093918034
Price Range P1,500-P2,500 +++
Description Quiet & exclusive resort. Nicely designed huts & villas in a sprawling garden. Fantastic beach view.





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