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They say S*%t happens! But do you abandon a dream just because it did?

Travel Trilogy is authored by a single person only and all the travel stories you’ve read on the site were personally funded. Over the past few years, it has managed to survive the blogosphere without any support.

But contents kept coming still.

I have long dreamt of getting to China, Taiwan Korea & Japan. I prepared the logistics, of course including funds & travel documents. But the unthinkable happened. I suddenly became torn between ditching it & completely break my heart or find a way around to pursue what has been planned.

Charity doesn’t hurt. If you are willing to share, I will return the favor by making comprehensive itineraries for your future trips in Asia. Whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.


How to Donate?

At the bottom of this page is a DONATE BUTTON via PayPal. Just hit it & you will be on your way to helping me get to my destinations. You may be required of my email, it’s

Alternatively, you may also deposit or make cash transfer to 2236-0667-53 (Bank of the Philippine Islands/BPI). If you will be sending donations from abroad, you may be required BPI’s Swift Code. Please key in BOPIPHMM.

If you have an Individual Payoneer account, you may send it directly via Account-Account transfer at 8114024603. If you are a company making a donation through US Payment Service via Payoneer, please refer to the following references: Bank Name (Community Federal Savings Bank); Routing ABA (026073150); Account No (8114024603); Account Type (Checking).

If you prefer to send via Globe GCash, you may donate to 09162767676.

Thank you so much. Your help truly means a lot to me.

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    Comments ( 2 )

  • Nancy Puno

    Hi Pot,
    Consider me in! I will donate via to your bank account. But I will need your info: name as it appears in ur ID; address; email address; phone number; and the bank account number and bank.

    • Potpot

      Thank you so much Maam Nancy. I will email the details to you. This means a lot to me and to Travel Trilogy. Muchos besos!

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