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Bangkok Party Guide | Fun, Exciting and Sinful

Sometime in the mid-80s, Murray Head swept the world with his wonder song, One Night in Bangkok. It talks about the city’s nightlife scenes being exotic and wild, deceptive and lustful. I was in my teen days then when it topped the charts. I never understood its imageries, not until I discovered myself what nights in the Thai capital city mean.

Bangkok is one of Asia’s premiere international cities and come with its prominence and prosperity is its notoriety for untamed parties fueled by booze and sex. Here, all of the world’s accents rage with the clanking of beer bottles and blinding laser lights. Thai nightlife is not only known to be memorable but also legendary and never just fun but also wild.
“one night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster
the bars are temple but the pearls ain’t free.”
Sukhumvit Road is one of the most popular happening districts among mature patrons and expats. Here, bars stand in cheek by jowl with restaurants, hotels and massage parlors. Pop-up side street drinking joints like the famous Volkswagen camper van bars create the party scene in this side of the city.
Mobile bars are common hang-outs along Sukhumvit Soi 11.
Photo courtesy of www.sungsunclub,com
Along its alleys are landmark party addresses like the heart-thumping Bangkok Beat (Soi 7), boisterous Hillary (Soi 4), glitzy Levels Lounge and the sultry Bed Superclub (Soi 11). International clubs like Hard Rock Café in Siam Square and Q Bar in Klong Toey top the tourists’ choice for tasteful night outs.
Photo courtesy of
“you’ll find a god in every cloister
and if you’re lucky then the god’s a she
I can feel an angel sliding up on me”
Bangkok’s nightlife is notorious for two things: getting wasted and getting laid! Three of the most popular Red Light Districts are Patpong (Silom area), Soi Cowboy (Sukhumvit-Asoke area) and Nana Plaza (Sukhumvit-Nana area). Here, the unimaginable happens as easy as 1-2-3, lubed down or condom-free.
The working girls of Patpong. Photo courtesy of
Nana Entertainment Plaza. Photo courtesy of
In Patpong, a night market selling souvenirs masks the real merchandise—flesh and fantasies. Sex circus played by acrobats of nearly geriatrics and post-partum mommas are still thought to be entertaining. Patpong is also the Grinder hole of queens in steroids, where the words top and bottom come to a metaphorical dimension.
Soi Cowboy. Photo courtesy of
Nana Plaza, which sounds like a mall actually looks like a multi-level complex of meat fetish market. In Soi Cowboy, there are actually no hat-and-leather jacket clad cowboys in stables but scantily dressed lady boys and table girls. Sukhumvit is an amusement lane and true, you are lucky if you’re ogling a real she.
More than a woman–Bangkok ladyboys. Photo courtesy of
“one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
not much between despair and ecstasy.”
Popular among backpackers, the bars in Khao San area overflow with dirt-cheap booze and decibel-breaking noise. Here, young partyphiles get happily wasted and end up either getting silly tattoos or going home with that equally unwashed chick who came straight from a temple run. In Khao San, the revelry scene is unrestricted and anyone who has partied here would agree that it’s unthinkably fun.
Khaosan is backpackers’ party haven. Photo courtesy of
“one night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
can’t be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me.”
Bangkok is home to some of the world’s most exquisite rooftop bars. At thousands of feet above ground and with Baht-tumbling prices, these skyline rendezvous are the just the perfect venues to see and be seen.
Lebua State Tower’s Sirocco Skybar
Banyan Tree Hotel’s Moon Bar is by far one of the world’s best. Photo courtesy of 
Lebua State Tower’s Sirocco Skybar, Banyan Tree Hotel’s Vertigo and Moon Bar, Octave Lounge, Bayoke Tower and Ananthara Sathorn’s Zoom are just some of the finest style-by-altitude watering holes frequented by well-heeled locals, Thai showbiz personalities, expats and luxuriously budgeted tourists.
Nightlife in Bangkok is truly amazing. From clean fun to otherwise and from the high-ceilinged clubs to roofless street bars, getting Thai’d up is always vibrant and unforgettable. Bangkok may be dubbed as the City of Angels, but here angels don’t fly, they slide up on you.

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