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Bangui Windmills

For a largely oil-dependent country like the Philippines, having wind farms is certainly a refreshing take on clean energy. The pioneer in Southeast Asia, the Windmills of Bangui in Ilocos Nortehas since been the region’s major source of power and a wonderful addition to its already healthy tourism ecosystem.

Twenty windmills stand on a 9-kilometer shingle of Bangui Bay in the Municipality of Burgos. The surge of wind from the South China Sea gusting into the clear terrain makes it an idyllic spot for harnessing power. Since its inauguration in 2005, the windmills have become a favorite stopover among tourists visiting the northwestern tip of Ilocos Norte.
Its administrator and operator, the Northwind Power Development Corporation ( cites each wind turbine to be 70 meters high and its blade spanning a length of 41 meters each. Each tower is spaced 326 meters apart producing a total 33 MW power distributed in the homes and business in the region. Currently, a new 600-hectare wind farm is being built in Saoit and Nagsurot in Burgos close to the existing farm in Bangui. Once completed in 2014, on-shore windmills will hem in the entire town of Burgos.
A few cafes have opened to service tourists with refreshments and makeshift stalls selling hand carved souvenirs have mushroomed along the narrow entryway to the shore. Burgos is a small town rich with tourist destinations such as the lighthouse at Cape Bojeador and the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. The Bangui Windmills is certainly a unique attraction that cannot be experienced nowhere else in the country.
The Philippines consumes thousands of gigawatt hours of electric power from all sources such as oil, biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and natural gas. Ilocos Norte, through the initiative of its leaders headed by then governor now senator, Bongbong Marcos is one of the regions at the forefront of powering homes and industries with renewable and clean energy resource.

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