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If all detours would lead to wonderful villages like Sitio Remedios, then driving through roads less taken are always worth the while. Tucked on the coastal side of Ilocos Norte, Currimaois a lovely detour to a wonderful beach line decked by a few gallery-designed resorts. Among the stellar hideaways is Sitio Remedios, an exquisite resort rich with drama.

As I walked into the arco lined by lily-filled fountains and cadena de amor, I started to feel the ambience slowly going back in time. The rustic landscape and brick-laden pathways of Avenida de Azucao led me to a recreation of a small heritage village reminiscent of old-world Ilocos. Embracing the shores of West Philippine Sea, Sitio Remedios creates a sophisticated and culturally rich beachside accommodation.
Outlined in Spanish quadricula, the courtyard is surrounded by turn-of-the-century ancestral homes that serve as the resort’s guest rooms. Each unique house is a reflection of its historic origin from various parts of Ilocos Norte. Built from salvaged pieces of hardwood planks, stained glass and Capiz windowpanes, weathered doors, wrought iron ventanillas and calado transoms. Using contemporary engineering methods, these are put together to bring back the memories of masterful architecture that have lived through the passing of time.
The rooms are tastefully adorned with bentwood furniture, balayong kapiya, ochovado tables and hard-carved santos. Flanked by comodas, the beds are laden with handwoven abel fabrics. As I sit on the butakaby the balayong round table in a calado embroidered mantel, I remembered all those age-old pieces like the almarios and escritorios my grandparents used to own but were left to decay or lost to collectors.
At the heart of Sitio Remedios is Iglesia de San Miguel, a chapel in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Currimao. Inspired by the baroque architectural style of the 1593 church in Paoay, the chapel serves as its guests’ place for spiritual seclusion.


As the space around me has grown vast and deep, I started to seek for my own poetry. I have wandered for many days, from blinding shorelines to pathless forests, fearless of not finding my way back. Sometimes you need to listen to your soul and celebrate idleness. Many times I do not need to talk to be understood. I travel stripped of everything but ready to be clothed with new friendships from the strangers I meet and the stories they tell. This is Sitio Remedios, quiet, intimate, romantic and healing.
I made a detour to travel through centuries back in a story land garden that looks out to the sea. I gladly did it not because there was a roadblock, but because somewhere in that road less taken is a self waiting.
Sitio Remedios
Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte
+63 9173320217 ;
  • Prior bookings are necessary. This must include the exact number of people coming and meal plans.
  • There are intentionally no TV sets.
  • Mobile phone signals are available and stable. Globe Telecom operates on 4G data service.
  • Observe courtesy to other resting guests as the place is created for a peaceful vacation.
  • Currimao is close to other exciting places to see such as UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Augustine Church in Paoay and the Marcos Museum in Batac.

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