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Uncle Johnny’s Great American Bites

The good old American food has obviously been part of the Filipinos’ day-to-day diet. Even in provinces with strong regional culinary culture such as Bicol, the American cookery is anywhere in the uragons’ kitchen. Uncle Johnny’s Great American Bites in Naga City is by far the best of its kind.
Located in the quiet eating complex in Cereza, Uncle Johnny’s serves wickedly great American comfort food fare. Burgers with thick charbroiled patties and juicy pot roasts top the menu. But its rib steak is just a guilty pleasure and personally is my all-time favorite.


This American nook by the quiet corner in Naga is a truly a haven for hunger salvation. Whether slathered or smoked, broiled or grilled, each bite is just fulfilling. Uncle Johnny’s is also the best place to score good sourdough breads and dinner rolls.
Let Uncle Johnny’s Great American Bites handle that impressive appetite show off.
Uncle Johnny’s Great American Bites
Cereza Complex, Magsaysay Avenue
Naga City, Philippines

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Summary: The only spot in Naga that serves decent American food choices.


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