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Treff Bar : Cebu’s Sexiest Stir

treff bar

It was one of my unusual nights inspired by celebration of cocktails. I have long abandoned drinking but I had to make up to Raymond and James’ birthday funfairs that I sorely missed. And what better way to fill the night other than finding the best drinksmitheries in town. Our parameters—chic urban spot, speakeasy ambience and of course, a sledgehammer pounding end. Devoid of any dramatics, Treff Bar was the runaway choice.

Treff Bar expresses Cebuano’s taste for fine lifestyle & love for anything chic.


treff bar

Waterfront Hotel is already Cebu’s happening address. But adding to its fame is Treff Bar, one of its premium dining outlets that serve gourmet bites & exquisite wines.

Decked on the 2nd floor’s building overhang, it provides a sparkling view of Cebu’s urban skyscape. It is expressed in refined contemporary detailing with no less than Phillipe Starck accouterments. Treff Bar’s stylish mix of steel, glass and soft hugging leathers truly fill the imagination.

treff bar

While its minimalist finish exudes an effortless charm, it doesn’t mean its spirits are not cranium-breaking enough. Enjoy a mish-mash of cocktails, sure-slug martinis, tequilas, exquisite wines and international beers, served in refined hotel character that we all love.

treff bar

It gathers a strong patronage of Cebu’s finest locals & guests. Fun here means enjoying your drinks in an ambient setting & being able to talk without screaming. With great crowd, breezy atmosphere & convenient location, it creates the ultimate chill-out space in the Queen City of the South.

Should you be in a stir of doubts, ask any booze aficionado Cebuano with a fascinating taste for tongue-tingling alcohol and a spot that is great for its own merit, chances are you will be brought to Treff Bar.


Treff, The Waterfront Cebu City Hotel
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
+63 32 2326888 local 8628

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