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I love prologues in everything I say but particularly on this one, let me say it straightforward, Chinito’s Grilled Sinigang na Tanigue is the best sinigang that ever kicked my palate.
I have never imagined that my search for the best sinigang in the country ends in Zamboanga City. As we know it, this tamarind base sour stew has been a delightful part of Filipino cuisine. While Tagalog in origin, it has taken so many variations as it travels to all the tables in every Filipino home.
Chinito’s brought this popular comfort food into the next level by adding an extra-ordinary preparation. It is normally prepped in a simple way by putting all the ingredients in a pot and just let it come to a boil. Chef Leo Alfaro created a creative twist by putting the best cuts of calamondin-drizzled tanigue (Spanish Mackerel), in a crimped foil and brought to a slow-burn grill. The magic happens inside the foil as the fat and juice of the fish come out and mixes with the flavorful and aromatic herbs and spices. Commonly, sinigang is served with stock in drowning parts and its throat-cutting sour taste crumples your face. In Chinito’s, the light citrus-flavored broth gives just enough kick. Wickedly, Chef Leo serves it with a small amount of stock not only to keep the balance of its flavors but also to make you savor its taste until you dry it all up. Second helpings of rice become an inevitable challenge.
Zamboanga City is best known for its culinary flair highlighting an extravaganza of seafood choices. But there are also great restaurants that serve your everyday comfort food like Chinito’s. It had its humble beginnings in the late 90s as a kiosk selling pastry. Over the years, partners Apple Go and Leo Alfaro expanded its menu and stores to cater to its local guests and tourists who look for the usual but equally delectable food. Today, Chinito’s has become a hub for people who look for zero-pretension food choices in a chill-out ambience.
There’s nothing fancy, it is just your comfort food, tweaked to a delightful Chinito’s experience.
Chinito’s Caffe
Gov. Camins Road, Zamboanga City
+63 62 990 2883
They are also in:
Camanchille corner Nunez St., Zamboanga City
GF, Mindpro Citimall, Zamboanga City
UP Diliman Campus (Math Bldg, Chemistry Bldg, Vargas Museum)

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Summary: Good hang-out place in Zamboanga City.


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