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The Buzzz Cafe : My Little Eden

Contemporary diners are always on the hunt for something fresh not only on their plates but also in ambience. In Tagbilaran, Bohol I found a little Eden named The Buzzz Café. Its culinary attitudes showcase a delightful mix of tasteful organic choices, refreshing atmosphere and that familiar Bol-anon hospitality.
What defines a good restaurant is what comes out of the kitchen. There is really nothing so spectacular in Buzzz Café’s menu. The simplicity of its execution is reflected in its taste. You do not need to understand what comes with what. But it has its own stellar offerings that are sure gastronomic delights.
Start with its homemade squash bread with pesto spread, tomatoes and cabcab (sun-dried cassava). Follow it up with its Organic Garden Salad, a pretty pick of backyard flowers, fresh lettuce and turnips served with honey mustard dressing. The main course choices are simple like the honey glazed chicken, grilled marlin and spareribs all served with red rice topped with sweet potato. Cap the meal with handmade malunggay ice cream dessert.
In its Galleria Luisa branch, guests are treated to pampering shades of green and the view of the sea. The interiors are done in understated class of shabby chic finish and well-chosen decorative pieces. All these create a relaxed feeling and would certainly make you linger for more hours over hot Kape Mais (corn coffee) or refills of refreshing lemongrass juice.
The management of the famous Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao runs the Buzzz Café. It is their way of making its homegrown tastes available to locals and tourists who couldn’t make it to the resort. Guests may also bring home their bottled produce in its in-house deli shop.
The culinary world is changing and always challenging the palates of the epicurious. Organic fare is slowly becoming one of the stars in mainstream dining and The Buzzz Café is one of them. Its their marrying of the local flavors using its own horticultural produce set in an easy-breezy atmosphere are what makes The Buzzz Cafe a destination.
Ground Floor, Galleria Luisa
Gallares Street, Tagbilaran, Bohol

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