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Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano | Sta. Rita, Samar

The love for food is probably what Italians and Filipinos have in common. Its abundance in taste, simplicity of execution and lingering hours of mealtime are just some of the dining culture it shares. At Sta. Rita in Samar, Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano brings in the best of Italian kitchen into the happy Waray table.

pasqualino's ristoranti italiano

Perched on the rolling hills overlooking the San Juanico Strait, Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano is one of the region’s exquisite dining destinations. It is done in a fluid and simple finish complementing its awesome front yard vista decked with a pool garden. And if it’s not enough of a pretty steal, it has the best aerial view of the San Juanico Bridge too!

pasqualino's ristoranti italiano

pasqualino's ristoranti italiano

Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano : You’ll fall in love

I must say the food is delizioso! From my antipasto to my dolce, it was a gustatory excursion. Italian cooking is simple as it gives emphasis on each of the ingredient’s magic. And at Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano, their food are with unfussy presentations but truly rich in texture & taste. They also have exclusive choices of wine & cheese to go with your favourite slice of Italian specials.

pasqualino's ristoranti italiano

pasqualino's ristoranti italiano

Hearty eating is a culture and among Filipinos (and Italians) because it means an all-perfect time to bond over good food. It is eternally an ambrosial affair where meal time is always on a stretch. And on this side of Samar, nowhere is this diniquette of lingering becomes a fantastic experience than here.

As the Italians say a tavola non si invecchia (you don’t age while seated for a meal).


Pasqualino’s Ristoranti Italiano
Sta. Rita, Samar
(053) 321 4910

Open on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays only

Note that while they have a Facebook page, the contents are outdated & non-responsive to messages. To make reservations, it is suggested that you call them on the number provided above.

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Summary: Hilltop restaurant overlooking the sea. Perfect for late lunch and sunset dinner dates.


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  • Han

    Hi there. May I ask, how much is the price range for their food? Or do you have a photo of the menu? I would really love to visit and dine there w/ my partner for our anniversary. Thanks in advance! ☺

  • Red

    thanks for the blog.. interesting.. nice restaurant with a beautiful view.. does it really open at 10:30pm?… I guess it’s a typo error there 😉

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