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At the heart of every hotel experience must always be an outstanding customer service. It is what it takes to earn that most coveted hotel star badge more than amenities and price. I give Quest Hotel and Conference Center in Cebu City all the constellations for always making my stay extra comfortable.
I am always on the go and have spent countless times in so many hotels anywhere. In this particular trip where I was billeted in Quest Hotel, I got sick from bad weather and stressful travel conditions. Good thing, the hotel has in-house certified nurses that work round the clock. They monitored my vital signs just like how it is in infirmaries and worked on regaining my immediate stability until I could get a full hospital care. They offered to room-in my food requirement just so I get undisturbed rest. I am a hard sell on customer service and this one I call exceptional.
For its class and comfort, Quest Hotel is an excellent choice. Its guest rooms are tastefully finished with neutral colors and classic visual patterns. It is a technology-friendly hotel that provides online connection and en-suite workstations. A sundeck pool, bar, and gym are other amenities available for its in-house guests, creating the convenience of holiday woven into work, all in one venue.
The Quest Hotel and Conference Center may just be one of the many hotels rapidly changing the skylines of the busy business and leisure zones of Cebu. However, it is one stylish hotel that offers sincere hotel service and putting a whole new meaning to the word accommodation.
Quest Hotel and Conference Center
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines

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