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Marco Polo Hotel Davao

The Marco Polo Hotel is one of the most admired hotel brands in the world. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, its commitment to unparalleled service, exquisite comfort and full-amenity convenience is certainly delivered.

The Marco Polo Hotel in Davao has 245 well-appointed guest rooms with luxurious comfort for space, detail and technology.  It is always kept clean and stress-free quiet. Being strategically located at the heart of the Davao’s commercial and business district, it has become the venue for meetings of many business travelers and a host to various high-end events.
The recreational facilities of the hotel are excellent. It has a lap pool for exclusive use of in-house guests and a spacious gym with sauna. For those seeking a relaxing spa experience, Lazuli Spa is definitely an indulgence. The Marco Polo Hotel is also an urban spoon destination and by far, one with the strongest F&B. It has various restaurants within the hotel that offer different cuisines and dining ambience.
As tourism and commerce in Davao continue to flourish, more trendy hotels have also sprung but the Marco Polo Hotel remains to be on the lead because it upholds the highest standards of the industry. It constantly innovates to keep up with time but never loses its tradition of excellent customer service.  
The Marco Polo Hotel Davao is the choice for a relaxing and dignified hotel experience. 
Marco Polo Hotel Davao
Claro M. Recto St., Davao City
+6382 2210888

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