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Pueblo por la Playa

Resorts abound in the Philippines as there are many beaches. But not all have that vibrant feel for a wonderful holiday getaway. Probably still out of travelers’ hideaway radar, the Municipality of Pagbilao in Quezon Province boasts of an exquisite resort called Pueblo por la Playa.

It is an exclusive leisure club sprawling across 12-hectare property. Inspired from old-world Mexican country estates, Pueblo por la Playa creates a feeling of playfulness with its use of vivid colors and that rustic elegance perfect for what it actually caters, the privileged few with sophisticated tastes.
Guests are welcomed at the huge clubhouse with a great vista of the infinity pools and the Tayabas Bay. It has several recreational facilities inside such as billiards and dart games. Just near the wide reception lobby is their main function room where they hold large private gatherings.
Accommodations come in large spaces, each with a different look but the same vibrant Mexican palettes and furnishings. The Ixtapa Suites overlooking the large infinity pools are well-appointed rooms perfect for honeymooners. Its skylight concept of the shower room is refreshing and a little naughty. The Huatulco Duplex Villas are suited for partying friends and families. It is fronting the beach and with easy access to the beach volleyball area and other sports facilities. For those who want outmost exclusivity, you will fall in love with the look and lifestyle feel of their private villas. Its creative shapes, complex aesthetics and lazy drift of hammocks are just so perfect for your chosen private retreat.
Cafe Oaxaca serves Mexican and your all time favorite Filipino dishes. The quality of taste is just generally fair and comes in big servings. The Pasteleria offers fusion of flavors and their Longganisang Lucban Pasta is a must-try. All accommodations come with a hearty big breakfast for two. Food may also be served at the beach area. In Pueblo por la Playa, dining is always with ambience.
The main attraction in this leisure club is their infinity pool. It is a full-service pool deck with a sunken bar, attendants and towel service. The beach is clean and clear from rocks on its sea bed but the ivory sand is obviously not natural to the place. Jetski may also be availed for rent. For those who prefer a dry activity, biking around the property is also an option. After the long day of fun under the sun, one may choose to cool down in the jacuzzi or get a massage in their spa.
What probably keeps the club maintain its facility and over-all feel is its exclusive membership. This way, they are able to give full attention to their promised service level to their guests. However, during lean seasons, non-members may be accommodated with prior reservations. 
Come to Pueblo por la Playa and experience a different kind of rhythm, that Mexican vibrance……that hibiscus pink feeling.
Contact Details
Pueblo por la Playa
Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao
Quezon Province
(+6342) 3733808 
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