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At three o’clock in the afternoon, every Catholic in the world pauses for a silent prayer for the divine mercy. It is at this moment of agony that Christ said to be immersed in His mercy that flowed wide to every weary soul. In the diary of Sister Faustina, God appeared to her through a vision of Jesus in a white garment with rays that denote blood and water which flowed out from his heart. This image of His tender mercy is venerated and celebrated in various shrines around the world.
One of the biggest shrines of the Divine Mercy can be found in El Salvador City. It is on top of the Divine Mercy Hills at about 500 feet above sea level, overlooking the nearby towns of Misamis Oriental and Macajalar Bay. The statue stands 50-feet tall created by renowkned scuptor, Nick Reyes. The halo is made of stained glass while its rays that symbolize both blood and water are done in tiles and stained glass. On its base are the reconciliation rooms and on its heart is the chamber with a tabernacle of adoration and the image of Sister Faustina.
The Divine Mercy Foundation manages this interdiocesan shrine, with the Marians of the Immaculate Conception in the Philippines and the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro. It occupies about 12-hectares of land where the Shrine, beautifully manicured gardens, chapel and the under construction church are located.
The creation of the Shrine started with a vision in 2000 and took 3 years to be realized. With the efforts of its members, donations from all over the world and the Divine intervention, they were able to raise the 25 million needed to complete the plan. Its goals include the provision of a complete retreat and seminar facilities with outmost prayerful atmosphere.
The faithful come not only to marvel at the grandeur of its structure but most importantly to fulfill its devotion to the Divine Mercy. It holds daily masses, confessions, healings and counselling. The Shrine aims to serve as the center of dialogue and healing for all the people, especially in Mindanao. It hopes to reach out to everyone in need and to renew its faith by devotion.
Visit the City of Mercy and receive the beacons of hope and a fountain of respite. Be enlightened.
For further details, contact:
+6388 3509095 / +639295468052
Schedule of Mass
  • Monday to Friday (3:30PM)
  • 1st Regular Saturday (8AM, 11:30AM, 4PM)
  • 1st Refular Sunday (8AM, 10AM, 3:30PM)
Schedule of Climb to the Tabernacle
  • Monday to Friday (1:30PM, 3:15PM, 4:45PM, 6PM)
  • Saturday & Sunday (1:30PM, 2:45PM, 4:45PM, 6PM)
Important Things to Remember
  • Do not wear shorts, skimpy skirts, sleeveless top in going inside the Shrine.
  • There is no entrance fee collected to gain entry to the Shrine.
  • Selling of Holy Water from the Shrine is strictly prohibited.
How to Get There
By private vehicle from any parts of Mindanao:
  • Drive to El Salvador City
  • From the junction, turn left to Divine Mercy Hills.
  • Follow the road that will lead you to the Shrine.
By public transport from any parts of Mindanao:
  • Take the bus or jeepney to El Salvador City.
  • From the junction, take the motorcycle to the Shrine.

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