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Everything starts from a wishful thinking. From an idle field of cogon into a quaint place of rest and recreation, Balai Sadyaya has become one of Quezon’s premiere resort-hotels. Barely 4 years in the hospitality and tourism business, Balai Sadyaya has already earned a lot of media exposures and recognitions because of its distinct character.







Sariaya has a resplendent history. In pre-war Philippines, Sariaya’s coconut plantations and copra industry was its gold mine. The surviving art-deco houses that are spread around town represent its illustrious past to this day. Balai Sadyaya took inspirations from these houses in building its own representations of a turn-of-the-century Filipino mansion. Its structures are boasting of grandiosity and its interiors are exquisite. This is how it was in the past and this is definitely how Balai Sadyaya wants its guests to experience.







Unlike other resorts that are huge and filled with fancy amenities, Balai Sadyaya is comfortable enough to accommodate a few guest rooms, a function hall, a pool and a lovely garden. It is just enough to be described as quaint. Guests are welcomed in the art deco building that house the restaurant, coffee shop and hotel frontdesk. Room accommodations are built with inspirations from 1930s Filipino casitas each with a different timeless design but the same intimate feeling. There are other hotel-type rooms with a good view of the pool by the veranda. The refreshing pool in the middle of everything is a perfect place to just wallow on late afternoons while waiting for the sun to set on the mystic Mt. Banahaw. The entire space is surrounded by pockets of garden leaving each guest a time to enjoy a rustic landscape.









While Balai Sadyaya offers bed-and-dine services, it also wants to market its place as an exquisite event venue. Its Main Hall, a grand art deco mansion services parties in style. There are also smaller venues to cater to intimate get-togethers with friends and family. Just about anywhere in Balai Sadyaya, there is a space fit for a gathering, like its garden near the pool that is so perfect for an afternoon spa party with friends.









A gallery of heirloom pieces can also be found at Sa Silong ng Balai. It houses a lot of memorabilia that showcases Sariaya’s affluent past. This small gallery keeps different items of antiquity from 16th century to late 19th.







Guests who would just like to walk-in for lunch or dinner are also welcome. Its menu offer mostly Filipino but they also serve other Asian and Italian favorites. Food is great and flavors are simple that are sure whet your appetite. Its casual comfort ambience makes dining here a good one.







Balai Sadyaya lives by its name as a quaint space for comfort, rest and recreation while enjoying pieces of a grand history. As they say it, “life is beautiful”!


Balay Sadyaya Resort

Kamagong Road, Brgy. Balubal

Sariaya, Quezon Province

+63425258646 / +63426512359 /




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Summary: It's fantastic but if the resort has a function, it can be too invasive in your privacy because the place is just small.


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